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  1. Top five tips for selecting best wedding favors for bridal marriage

    Well, one cannot really run from timeless tradition of weddings like giving away wedding favors. Then, why don't you just plan to present the same most elegantly? Choosing the wedding favors and how to present the same to your guest is a brain-storming challenge. With the help of the following tips on selecting and wrapping the Indian wedding favors will help you lose your burden from your shoulders:

    Indian Wedding Favors Indian Wedding Favors

    • Presentation matters: Well you don't
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  2. Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas In Goa To Make The Night Memorable

    Bachelorette parties are held by the would-be bride or groom before their wedding, so that the boy or girl can enjoy the freedom of their unmarried life for the last time with their close friends. So the men and women from rich families love to enjoy a great bachelorette party in a beautiful destination, away from home. Goa is a favorite destination of many people who love to hang out with friends and enjoy the time to the fullest. But they should preplan the party themes and what to do whole night, after the party bash is over.

    Bachelorette Party Ideas In Goa Bachelorette Party Ideas In Goa | Image Resource :

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  3. Most Enjoyable Shaadi Songs For Dance Chosen By The Wedding Families

    Every wedding develops a rich festive mood for the families of bride and groom, as well as the wedding guests. The compulsory inclusion of dance and music in all the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals makes these occasions more enjoyable for those who are present in the wedding, to share the joy of the new couple.

    All the marriages of North India and Western India are marked with the vibrant music and joyful dances of all wedding guests to those tunes. Nowadays, most wedding families prefer the popular Bollywood songs to be played during their wedding functions, as songs of all moods and cultures are available from the films made in Bollywood.

    Most favorite Bollywood songs to be played during Mehendi function


    • 'Mehendi Lagake Rakhna' is the hit song from the blockbuster film 'Dilwale
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  4. Explore the Magical Sense of Belongings with the Classical Indian Wedding Quotes

    The most romantic way to steal the heart of your partner is an enchanted written word or quote. Whether you want to propose to your life mate or want to express your feeling, a lovely quote will make it easy for you. Choose the right words and wrap them together with a touch of love, then present in front of your life partner. A personalized card with a loving quote will surely make your soul mate feel special. Wedding conjures the desire of togetherness and a wedding card quote will play an important role on this great day.

    Indian Wedding Quotes Indian Wedding Quotes

    Capture the Moment with Real Bliss

    A wedding

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  5. 10 Amazing Ideas For Your *Special* Date With Him!

    The lover couples often want to date outside, so that they can know each other in a better way. But it is important for them to go to some enjoyable place, so that they can really enjoy the time together. It is even better to invent some new ideas of dating, but it is important that both of them should share the same sort of pastimes or may explore any common hobby together.

    1. Enjoy music in bars

    Enjoy music in bars Enjoy music in bars | Image Resource :

    Many bars and nightclubs have the

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  6. 10 Trendy Blouse Sleeve Designs to Try Now

    Blouse is considered as a dress item that is inseparable from the saree. A misfit blouse can easily mar the beauty of the most gorgeous saree, as well as the grave of the wearer. On the other hand, the most beautiful blouse design can enhance the beauty of even an ordinary saree. So there are many latest designs of fashionable blouses available in the market, as there are many fashion designers working in this field of creating the best blouses for stylish women. Most of the blouse designs depend on the types and decorations of their sleeves.


    Types of designs implicated in the blouse sleeves


    1. Elbow length ornamented sleeves

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  7. How To Create Unique And Attractive Customized Wedding Cards?

    Everyone wants their wedding cards to be very special so that all the guests are tempted to preserve these cards as memorable artifacts of attending these wedding ceremonies. So they often want to add some personal touches to these cards, to make them look more innovative and charming. Now there are many online wedding card designers available, who help their customers in creating their best customized wedding cards, with the professional help provided in the websites of these designer companies.

    Customized Wedding Cards Customized Wedding Cards

    Steps taken for getting

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  8. Special Aspects Of The Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

    The Indians are known for their warmth of heart and hospitality, shown towards their invited guests, in several social and religious occasions, the wedding being the foremost among them. The special characteristics of the Indians are reflected in their wedding cards too, mainly through the Indian wedding invitation wordings, which are totally different from that of the wedding cards used in foreign countries, in language, and in spirit.

    Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

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  9. Important dos and don'ts while selecting most beautiful bridal wear

    The wedding is a vital occasion in the life of every young woman, who may have nurtured a lot of dreams about this special day. Hence, all the brides want to look best and be the center of attraction, among the several well decked women present in the wedding ceremony. The most important part of their wedding preparation is the selection of the most gorgeous bridal dress for the new bride.

    Beautiful Bridal Wear Beautiful Bridal Wear | Image Resource :

    Indian brides mostly wear sarees or lehengas, as per the traditional customs of this country, irrespective of the religions. But the color of the bridal dress depends

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  10. Typical Features To Be Present In Indian Wedding Invitations Online

    In India, weddings are very important ceremonies, not only for the new couple, but also for their families and friends. Hence, everyone wants to be present in the wedding ceremony and participate in all celebrations and religious rituals that are connected to the wedding. But the relatives and friends should be informed and duly invited to join the wedding, by sending them formal wedding invitation cards. These cards show the invitees how important they are for the wedding couple and their families.

    Indian Wedding Invitations Online Indian Wedding Invitations Online

    Nowadays, many modern

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