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  1. Designer Wedding Cards For New Age Weddings

    Wedding is a beautiful experience but we stuff in countless traditions, rules and norms. Times have changed, these traditions are being modified by the young generation for the convenience of the bride and groom. Today even designer wedding cards are customized according to the wedding theme selected by the bride and groom. A wedding should be planned according to the bride and groom ideas and only they should have the power to make the final decision for their "Big day".

    Here are some of the most common new traditions :

    Let the groom see his bride : There was a time when people used to say that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding day. Well, those days are gone because it is important that the bride and groom should be connected with each other. Lot of things can go wrong, so they

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  2. Ways To Arrange For Eco-friendly Weddings

    The Indian folks are used to marriages with great pomp and show. They are used to opting for showy halls and expensive illumination. The modern generation understands the significance of going greeN. They have started a new trend of green weddings. Here are some of the highlights of an eco-friendly wedding.

    Wedding Decor

    The wedding halls in green weddings are usually decorated using showpiece plants. You may even use paper crafts and origami to decorate the wedding hall. These crafts look impressive and change the appearance of the entire hall.

    Eco-friendly Weddings Eco-friendly

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  3. Romantic Wedding Destinations Of India

    India boasts of variety and the Indian marriage destinations are a perfect epitome of variety. There are many different types of marriage destinations in India where you can solemnize your wedding. It will remain etched in your memory as a divine bond.


    Goa is where all the romance seems to blossom in India. Goa is an ideal place for a couple to get married in India. If you are a Christian, there are several Gothic and Victorian churches where marriage will be a memorable event.

    Romantic Wedding Destinations

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  4. Unique Types and Styles of Wedding Invitations

    Wedding is a very significant occasion in everyone’s life. All preparations have to be done properly and wedding invitation is the first step in these preparations. There are many different styles, types, designs and patterns among wedding cards. Here we help you classify the wedding cards and hence decide the best wedding card for your special occasion.

    Wedding Card In The Envelope

    The most common traditional wedding card in India is the card in the envelope style. It is simple yet has all the necessary features of a wedding card. You will find several colorful options to choose from.

    Dress For Summer Wedding

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  5. Secret Weddings Of Bollywood

    Most Indians put in extra efforts so that their wedding is celebrated in full pomp and show. Celebrities face a different situation. They genuinely desire a peaceful wedding away from the attention of the fans. They arrange everything silently and do not want the people to know or create problems. Here are examples of some silent weddings of Bollywood.

    Rani Mukherji Marries Aditya Chopra

    Rani Mukerji never preferred to announce her love life and the couple was always silent. Aditya Chopra was always silent when asked about his personal life but finally the news has been officialised. Rani Mukerji is married to Aditya Chopra and is now Rani Chopra. They tied the knot on April 21, 2014 in Italy.

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  6. Make Your Wedding Invitation Special: Customise It

    Weddings have always been a great occasion and this fact is not affected by geographical borders. Every individual finds his or her wedding day very special. A wedding invitation also has to be special so that people know it is your special day. Here we have listed a few easy tricks to customise wedding invitations from India and giving it your personal touch. Hope the tips help you.

    Add Your Pictures

    Dress For Summer Wedding Wedding Invitation | Image Resource :

    Let Your Cities Show


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  7. Tips To Stay Cheerful On Your Marriage Day

    Marriage is one of the most awaited occasions of a woman's life. Yet it turns out to be very stressful, especially in nations like India where marriage is not a one day affair. So here are some simple and useful guidelines to survive the marriage day without feeling any kind of stress.

    Have A Good Night's Sleep

    It is very essential to have a good night's sleep one day before your marriage. It helps you stay fresh during the entire occasion. If you do not have proper sleep, it is quite possible that you grow restless. You may really not be able to enjoy the occasion. You may not be able to wear the smile on your face.

    Marriage Day

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  8. The Popular Indian First Night Wedding Traditions

    Marriage is the divine union of two souls and it is regarded very pious in India. This is the reason why marriages are organised with a lot of pomp and show. Some of the first night customs are very interesting. Here are some of the rituals that you may have seen even in the Bollywood flicks.

    Stealing The Shoes

    In many parts of India, as a part of the wedding ritual or after the wedding, the bride's family steal's the groom's shoes and hides it. The groom has to find it or pay any amount that he is requested to inorder to get the shoes back.

    First Night Wedding Traditions First Night Wedding Traditions

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  9. Slow Positive Transition In Wedding Traditions

    The weddings always go by the rules and age old customs. The society sticks to the age old norms. Some of these traditions and customs are wasteful and ethically wrong. Time and broader perspective of individuals has lead to a whole new trend in the wedding customs which are much more acceptable.

    Lower Expenses

    People are slowly realising that there is no sense in spending so much money on pomp and show. They are spending less on show and investing the money so that they can have a secure future. The young couples also prefer to have low-key marriages and use the money to buy land or property.

    No To Dowry

    Dowry was

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  10. Unique Indian Summer Wedding Themes

    In India, wedding has always been a great event. The event is a once in a lifetime occasion and people make sure that it is organised well. Here are some lovely themes for Indian Summer Weddings. These themes help you get an idea of how beautifully an Indian wedding can be arranged to suit your convenience.

    Garden Wedding

    Summers are often disgustingly hot. A garden wedding can be a very pleasant and soothing option for people planning a wedding in India during summer. You can have tables set and the Pandal made in the garden. Make sure you go for a garden with lovely flowers and enough greenery so that visitors are impressed.

    Summer Wedding Themes

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