The Indian folks are used to marriages with great pomp and show. They are used to opting for showy halls and expensive illumination. The modern generation understands the significance of going greeN. They have started a new trend of green weddings. Here are some of the highlights of an eco-friendly wedding.

Wedding Decor

The wedding halls in green weddings are usually decorated using showpiece plants. You may even use paper crafts and origami to decorate the wedding hall. These crafts look impressive and change the appearance of the entire hall.

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Lighting And Illumination

People who truly enjoy going green may opt for lovely castor oil lamps to illuminate the entire wedding. It adds beauty and grace to the entire occasion and adds a serene touch to the occasion. The oil lamps come in many different sizes and shapes which add to the beauty of the occasion.

Bridal Attires The Eco-friendly Way

The outfit for the bride and the groom is also made from pur eco-friendly Khadi. This is a great step towards a green life ahead. The Khadi can be decorated with handmade laces and embellishments. It is a completely new concept and something that people should gain inspiration from.

Green Invitation Cards

The invitation cards for weddings are made from handmade paper. You may opt for Indian wedding cards that are simple and yet pass on the message to your near and dear ones to go green. It is a great initiative on your part to go green and influence other people to join the movement.

These simple suggestions are sure to help you when you plan a green wedding. Search for ideas on the internet and you are sure to find some new idea each day. Green weddings are positive step in the direction of a better tomorrow.