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  1. Types Of Foodies You Spot At Desi Indian Weddings

    Indian wedding is a season to celebrate and gorge. Everybody yearns to enjoy wedding parties as they contribute a lot in bringing family members together. Also, you will get a golden opportunity to enjoy a plethora of delicious dishes that will enthrall your taste buds.

    Types Of Foodies At Desi Indian Weddings Types Of Foodies At Desi Indian Weddings | Image Resource :

    In an Indian wedding, you will come across various types of foodies that have been categorized into the following:

    1. Diet conscious

    2. Vegetarian

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  2. Fun Facts Of Indian Wedding

    India is famous for its rich as well as cultural heritage and diversity. No doubt, Indian weddings are looked upon by the whole world as a very colorful event. Indian weddings have successfully drawn a lot of attention for comprising of a lavish affair.

    Below are some interesting as well as funny facts about Indian weddings that will keep you glued:

    1. Wedding takes place on auspicious days

    2. Determination of horoscope compatibility

    3. Wedding is a long affair

    4. Organizing of numerous events prior the day of wedding

    5. Painting of hands with henna

    6. Rituals last for long hours

    7. Applying of turmeric

    8. Welcoming

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