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Fun Facts Of Indian Wedding

Fun Facts Of Indian Wedding by parekhcards 17/01/2018 at 9:30

India is famous for its rich as well as cultural heritage and diversity. No doubt, Indian weddings are looked upon by the whole world as a very colorful event. Indian weddings have successfully drawn a lot of attention for comprising of a lavish affair.

Below are some interesting as well as funny facts about Indian weddings that will keep you glued:

1. Wedding takes place on auspicious days

2. Determination of horoscope compatibility

3. Wedding is a long affair

4. Organizing of numerous events prior the day of wedding

5. Painting of hands with henna

6. Rituals last for long hours

7. Applying of turmeric

8. Welcoming of the groom with a blaze of dancing

9. Indian wedding comprises of two stages

10. Sprinkling of the vermilion

A mixture of these events truly contributes in making the entire marriage ceremony a grand success.

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What are these Facts all about?

Let us get exposed to these most interesting facts in detail so that it becomes easy to understand what Indian marriage is all about.

  • Weddings in India take place on selective days. To be precise, the occasion will take place only on those days that have been declared auspicious by astrologers and numerologists. Families consult with the priest for determining the most favorable day for wedding.

  • Horoscope compatibility is another vital factor that needs to be determined. The horoscopes of both bride as well as the groom must match with each other. It ensures a harmonious and long lasting marriage life.

  • Indian wedding, being a long affair takes place after a few days of the engagement ceremony. The ceremony takes place in the presence of all important family members thus bringing everyone close to each other.

  • Numerous events and ceremonies take place prior wedding. After negotiation, exchange of gifts takes place between both families. It is regarded to be shagun.

  • Among all, the henna ceremony and bridal shower precede the ceremony with glory. Beautiful designs are drawn on hands as well as the feet of the bride.

  • As Indian weddings take place overnight, rituals in association lasts for long. The entire day of the wedding gets spent in beautifying the bride as well as the groom.

  • Turmeric paste is applied all over the body of the couple. Turmeric is well known to comprise if herbal healing as well as cleansing properties. It is essential to beautify the entire appearance of the couple on the day of wedding.

  • Neither the bride nor the groom is allowed to meet each other after the turmeric application ritual takes place. Even, they are not permitted to leave the house.

  • The groom along with his family arrives at the house of bride amidst a blaze of singing as well as dancing. The Baraat is welcomed with great pomp and splendor with flowers and garlands.

  • As the wedding takes place into two separate parts, the entire event is followed by reception as well as photo sessions. Both the bride as well as groom exchange their vows followed by the sindoor ceremony. The sindoor, being the symbol of marriage adorns the bride after getting married.

These facts make Indian wedding an interesting and fun one!


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