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  1. Know The Most Important Dos & Don'ts Before Wedding In India

    The wedding is a vital event in the life of all men and women, as well as for their families. So everyone wants to look their best during their wedding and make this occasion a memorable one for lifetime. But they need to keep in mind several points that should be done or must be avoided before the wedding ceremony, to achieve the desired results.

    Vital things to do while preparing for a wedding

    • Look for the latest fashion trend - While shopping for the wedding attire, the bride or groom should check the latest trends in this genre, so that they can wear stunningly fashionable dresses during their weddings, provided the adopted styles do not cross the limits of ethnic Indian decency. It is best to check online and gather some ideas about the currents wedding styles, before starting the shopping in this regard. If budget is not a constraint,
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  2. Romantic Routine Of The Honeymoon Diaries In Kerala

    The honeymoon is an important phase in the post marital life of a new couple. They need to spend some quality time only with the company of each other, to know their spouses very well. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a beautiful destination as the honeymoon spot of the newly wedded couple. Now Kerala, the southernmost state of India has emerged as the popular honeymoon destination, for housing many interesting tourist attractions that have earned it the nickname 'God's Own Country'.

    Honeymoon Diaries In Kerala Honeymoon Diaries In Kerala | Image Resource :

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  3. Special Features Seen In Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

    The Indian weddings are always attended by plenty of relatives and friends of both bride and the groom. All these guests are warmly invited by sending them the specially created wedding invitation cards. The love and respect of the new couple for the guests are clearly reflected in the wordings of these Indian invitation letters, which contain some common characteristics, in spite of the differences in religions and cultures in different parts of this country.

    Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

    Noteworthy qualities of the Indian wedding invitation wordings

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  4. Customized Wedding Invitations - Available As Per Your Choice

    It has been aptly remarked by someone that finding out the most suitable wedding invitation is a bit challenging. With the help of custom wedding invitation you may easily bridge the persisting gap between old and traditional styles. A great way to explore creative options regarding wedding themes!

    Customized Wedding Invitations Customized Wedding Invitations

    What do Custom Wedding Invitations Ensure?

    Not all of them like the same old readymade cards, and so the trend of personalization has popped up. Customized wedding cards ensure that you will be in

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  5. Few Effective Tips About Destination Marriage Planning

    Nowadays, many modern couples love to hold their weddings in special places, which will make their marriages memorable for them and all those who will attend it. Therefore, the fashion of destination weddings is very popular among the affluent classes of the Indian society. Moreover, there are too many suitable tourist spots in India for organizing these weddings amidst the beauty of the nature, in the lovely hill stations or by the calm sea beaches. But the new couples and their families should remember a few essential matters while planning the destination weddings.

    Destination Marriage Planning Destination Marriage Planning | Image Resource :

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  6. Brilliant Wedding Dresses To Wear During Indian Wedding Ceremonies

    Indian weddings are marked with inevitable grandeur and cheerful festive rituals. So the dresses of the brides and grooms also need to match the spirit of the occasion. Generally, separate dresses are tailored or purchased for the new couple to wear on Mehendi, Sangeet and the main wedding ceremony. These wedding attires are expected to be highly colorful and gorgeous, with various embroideries and other ornamentations.

    Indian Wedding Dresses Indian Wedding Dresses | Image Resource :

    Special ethnic wedding attires chosen for Indian bride and groom

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