The wedding is a vital event in the life of all men and women, as well as for their families. So everyone wants to look their best during their wedding and make this occasion a memorable one for lifetime. But they need to keep in mind several points that should be done or must be avoided before the wedding ceremony, to achieve the desired results.

Vital things to do while preparing for a wedding

  • Look for the latest fashion trend - While shopping for the wedding attire, the bride or groom should check the latest trends in this genre, so that they can wear stunningly fashionable dresses during their weddings, provided the adopted styles do not cross the limits of ethnic Indian decency. It is best to check online and gather some ideas about the currents wedding styles, before starting the shopping in this regard. If budget is not a constraint, they may also buy the beautiful wedding dresses designed by the renowned Indian fashion designers. But it is extremely important to stick to the limited budget that is decided for this purpose.
  • Check the fittings of the dress - The wedding attires of the bride and the groom should fit them perfectly, to make them look smart and attractive at the wedding ceremony. So it is best to check the fittings before paying the costs of these dresses, both in case of readymade or tailored attires. The bride and the groom should try on the total dress in the trial room of the shop, to see if they feel perfectly comfortable on wearing it.
  • Get used to the footwear - Likewise, the stylish footwear should be bought from reputed stores for the bride and groom, which fit perfectly into the feet of the wearers. But it is necessary to practice walking while wearing that footwear for a few days before the wedding, so that the bride and groom get used to newly purchased shoes and need not tolerate the pain of shoe bite at the time of their marriage.
  • Go for weekly facial session - Both the bride and groom should visit their nearest beauty parlor for a suitable facial, at least once every week from minimum a month before a month before the marriage date, to make their skins glowing on the day of their wedding.
  • Drink lots of water - The wedding couple should drink 7-8 glasses of water daily, to keep the body adequately hydrated and healthy, mainly when the bride and groom are roaming in the markets with shopping spree.

Most notable matters to be avoided before the wedding

  • Avoid black or white - The wedding couple should not include black and white in the lists of colors to be used as wedding colors, because these two colors are considered as colors for mourning on one's death.
  • Do not try new health regime - The groom or bride should not be tempted to try any new fitness regime for making their body figures more attractive, just a few days before the wedding. This new fitness routine may give rise to any health complication, if cannot be accurately.
  • Do not face daylight without sunscreen - The bride and groom should not step out in the harsh sunlight, without applying any sunscreen lotion from a reputed company, to save their skin from getting tanned.

If the bride and groom keep all these important points in mind before their marriage, they are sure to look amazingly beautiful during their wedding ceremony.