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  1. What to Consider when Choosing a Hindu Wedding Card?

    Hindu weddings are always been lavish affairs. Preparations usually start months in advance. And it is best to get all the necessary things ready in time. Wedding cards are among these important things. However, what all does one consider when choosing a wedding card for a Hindu wedding?

    Tips on Choosing Hindu Wedding Cards

    Whenever you want to finalize a look and feel for your wedding card, research well. Look at all the different options for designs, colors, stationery and budget before making a final decision. And before you place a bulk order, definitely ask for samples to check what the end product will look like. Here are some more things to keep in mind.

    Hindu weddings are very traditional affairs. You can choose from an array of vibrant hues like gold, red, saffron and green. These traditional invites can be coupled with golden ribbons and beads.

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  2. Three Things to Consider When Choosing Islamic Wedding Cards

    Islamic wedding dresses in the Arab context are inclined towards Judaism, unlike in India, where the dresses are just as royal and grand as in other cultures. Similarly, Islamic wedding cards in India have evolved over time to become the perfect reflection of an Indian Muslim culture. Subtle or majestic, Islamic wedding cards should be chosen with care, after considering three important things.

    What color, motifs and styles should the Islamic wedding card have?

    Islamic wedding cards are vibrant, glossy and rich pieces of invitation, just like their Sikh and Hindu counterparts. Paisley prints, traditional decorative patterns, and floral designs are available in just about any color you would like. However, if you want to stay with the traditional, consider choosing shades of green and gold for your wedding card.

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  3. How to Choose a Sikh Wedding Card

    Sikh weddings are the epitome of North-Indian culture lavish, traditional and beautiful. It is only fitting that when you invite guests to your Anand Karaj, you do so with an equal fervor. Choose a Sikh wedding invitation after thinking about a few important aspects.

    Things to Consider in a Sikh Wedding Card
    Whether you prefer a traditional invitation or a modern one, make sure you think of a few things while finalizing the printing of your invitation card for a Sikh wedding.

    Just like other Indian wedding invitations, Sikh cards are a vibrant display of colors, such as yellow and red, along with contour lines and embellishments in gold.

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  4. Why Give Wedding Program Books at Your Wedding

    Are you planning a wedding ceremony and wondering what you could be missing in that checklist? Look carefully because among all that important stationery like invitations, seating cards, cocktail cards, the wedding program details could have been missed. Before deciding whether you need a wedding ceremony and program book, look at what all it provides.

    Why a Wedding Ceremony and Program Book?

    According to Emmaline Bride, a website that offers advice for planning weddings, wedding programs are helpful especially when you want to strengthen the fervor and theme of your wedding, entertain the guests, or simply share an interesting detail.

    Wedding programs are a record of your wedding ceremony. Adding to what was said above, they help guests feel a part of the ceremony and can introduce the bridal party, if the wedding is a grand one. They are a good addition for religious or traditional weddings in the Indian context.

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