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How to Choose a Sikh Wedding Card

How to Choose a Sikh Wedding Card  by parekhcards 24/03/2014 at 9:30

Sikh weddings are the epitome of North-Indian culture lavish, traditional and beautiful. It is only fitting that when you invite guests to your Anand Karaj, you do so with an equal fervor. Choose a Sikh wedding invitation after thinking about a few important aspects.

Things to Consider in a Sikh Wedding Card
Whether you prefer a traditional invitation or a modern one, make sure you think of a few things while finalizing the printing of your invitation card for a Sikh wedding.

Just like other Indian wedding invitations, Sikh cards are a vibrant display of colors, such as yellow and red, along with contour lines and embellishments in gold.

If you prefer subtle colors and wish for the card to look regal and elegant, you could pick out designs in off-white and gold, with inherently Sikh motifs.


One of the most important things about your invitation card is how you choose to word them. You want to express how special the event is for you, while also making each guest feel welcomed and appreciated for participating in your special day and showering their blessings on the newlyweds.

Wordings can begin at the top with a phrase or couplet from the Guru Granth Sahib. This could be followed by quotes or lines from poems that you’ve liked or believe represent the emotions perfectly. This can be followed by introducing the bride and groom, as well as their parents. Other wordings and matter could include details of the ceremony, the address, date, venue and the RSVP section, all to be written very clearly.

Logos, Motifs and Designs
Traditional Sikh symbols are considered auspicious for a wedding. Moreover, these enhance the beauty of the card. You can choose from typically Sikh motifs, such as the Ik Onkar, Khalsa and Waheguru motifs, to lend an exclusive Sikh feel to your Anand Karaj.

And if you want more neutral motifs that still portray the traditional essence, you could choose folk symbols like images of Varghodas, Dulhan, and even modern images like hearts and flowers.

Checking & Proofreading
Before you give your bulk order for the design and stationery you have chosen, make sure you ask for a sample, so that you can check how the end product will look, as well as make all the necessary corrections and last minute changes. Once you’ve placed the order for printing, it could become a costly affair if the card is printed with mistakes in it.
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