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Why You Need a Wedding Ceremony & Program Book

Why You Need a Wedding Ceremony & Program Book  by parekhcards 23/03/2014 at 1:30

Are you planning a wedding ceremony and wondering what you could be missing in that checklist? Look carefully because among all that important stationery like invitations, seating cards, cocktail cards, the wedding program details could have been missed. Before deciding whether you need a wedding ceremony and program book, look at what all it provides.

Why a Wedding Ceremony and Program Book?

According to Emmaline Bride, a website that offers advice for planning weddings, wedding programs are helpful especially when you want to strengthen the fervor and theme of your wedding, entertain the guests, or simply share an interesting detail.

Wedding programs are a record of your wedding ceremony. Adding to what was said above, they help guests feel a part of the ceremony and can introduce the bridal party, if the wedding is a grand one. They are a good addition for religious or traditional weddings in the Indian context. The guests could be from diverse faiths and cultures, and program books can be helpful in helping guests understand the proceedings.


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