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  1. Wearing Black to a Wedding - No More a Taboo

    Wedding ceremony is one such occasion that is full of hustle and bustle. You get an opportunity to get into touch with your nearest and dearest ones and enjoy a lot.

    Wearing Black to a Wedding Wearing Black to a Wedding | Image Resource :

    Remarkable Points about Black Dresses

    Some remarkable points regarding black dresses:

    • Colorful along with black dress -

    Each and every occasion has its own dress code; similar

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  2. How to Determine the Actual Wedding Cost?

    Are you on your way to start a new family life? Congratulations! Along with fun and frolic, you must be in a ready state to determine the actual budget required for a well planned wedding ceremony.

    Determine the Actual Wedding Determine the Actual Wedding | Image Resource :

    Strong Points that Determine Actual Cost of Wedding

    The cost may be cheap, average or expensive. But by taking a few points into consideration, you will be able to determine the actual amount to spend to meet your demands at the best. They are:

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    • 10 Common Indian Wedding Traditions

      A Hindu wedding is a festive occasion embedded with colours and a vibrant atmosphere. But you cannot ignore rituals and let us have a sneak peek of the 10 common Indian wedding traditions.

      Indian Wedding Traditions Indian Wedding Traditions | Image Resource :

      • The auspicious date

      In Hindu culture, couples let the planets or star decide where and when, to tie the knot. You could look at your zodiac signs for an auspicious marriage date

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    • Significance of the Haldi Ceremony in an Indian Wedding

      What is a haldi ceremony? It is a pre marriage ritual observed a couple of days before the wedding and followed all over the country. It is held at both the residence of the bride and groom and hereby we will try to understand the importance of the Haldi Ceremony in an Indian Wedding.

      Haldi Ceremony in an Indian Wedding Haldi Ceremony in an Indian Wedding | Image Resource :

      The ceremony derives its name from an application of turmeric that occurs during the ritual. Haldi has been an integral part of our kitchen in terms of food preparation, thanks to the numerous health benefits it provides.

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    • Pen Your Heart Out in Case of a Wedding Card

      Someone has aptly remarked that a wedding marks the beginning of a golden life by two persons. In order to spread such good news, wedding cards play a vital role. But at the same time, the message to be included in case of your wedding card must be an inspirational and thought provoking.

      Indian wedding card wordings Indian wedding card wordings | Image Resource :

      What must be Appropriate Wordings for Indian Wedding Cards?

      The message include is a crystal clear portrayal of the connection that is shared. Hence it is essential to take due considerations in terms of

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    • How to Throw an Authentic Indian Wedding?

      The number of events as part of an Indian wedding is numerous in number which might leave you in a state of confusion of what to include and what to be left. With so much diversity on offer, it becomes pretty difficult to move forward.

      Authentic Indian Wedding Authentic Indian Wedding | Image Resource :

      To get the ball rolling you would need Authentic Indian Wedding Cards in the first place. You are bound to have an image of your wedding in your mind. Wedding cards convey the first impression in terms

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