A Hindu wedding is a festive occasion embedded with colours and a vibrant atmosphere. But you cannot ignore rituals and let us have a sneak peek of the 10 common Indian wedding traditions.

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  • The auspicious date

In Hindu culture, couples let the planets or star decide where and when, to tie the knot. You could look at your zodiac signs for an auspicious marriage date

  • Wedding attire in red

Indian brides ignore the something white for red. The reason for it is that Hindu marriages call for something gorgeous and bright in colour which looks great with gold and matching jewels. It is common for a bride to apply red kumkum tika on her head to bring in good luck.

  • Henna

When life throws lemons at you, then simply applies Henna. It has both medical along with artistic wonders which have been part of Indian weddings for close to 5000 years now.

  • Haldi ceremony

On the morning of the wedding, both the bride and the groom apply haldi(a yellow turmeric paste) to bring good luck. This paste has powerful healing properties and can eradicate bad luck

  • The Mandap

It is the sight of the bride walking along the aisle, where along with the groom they sit beneath a pavilion that is decorated with flowers, lights and drapes. The mandap happens to be a sacred structure where wedding ceremonies of Hindu tradition is held. Each pillar signifies the support of the parents along with the love and blessings which made it possible for the wedding to happen.

  • Holy fire to be lighted

The couple takes their pledge across an Agni, which is a witness to the ceremony. Both the bride and groom take seven rounds of it, reposing their faith in the journey of marriage

  • Putting a mangalsutra

In Hindu weddings, the groom ties a holy thread incorporated of white, red and black bands on a yellow string around the bride's neck conferring her as a married woman.

  • The hiding shoes

This is a popular wedding prank which leaves all your near and dear ones richer. On the day of the wedding, the groom tries to locate the pair of shoes with the help of his salis and at failed attempts he would need to cough up a certain amount of money.

  • Bidding farewell

This is an emotional moment and not all brides have a smile at this point of time. At vidaai ceremony the Hindu bride says a goodbye to her near and dear ones. This is a tearful situation where she leaves her home and starts a new family with her husband

  • To reach home

Once you reach home, the couple is sprayed with salt water to ward off any evil spirits. The bride then takes one more ritual and that is she steps in a mixture of vermillion and milk leaving red footprints on the floor which depicts a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. To sum off the rituals the bride kicks a pot of rice to ensure prosperity along with fertility. This is where the journey of married life begins.