What is a haldi ceremony? It is a pre marriage ritual observed a couple of days before the wedding and followed all over the country. It is held at both the residence of the bride and groom and hereby we will try to understand the importance of the Haldi Ceremony in an Indian Wedding.

Haldi Ceremony in an Indian Wedding Haldi Ceremony in an Indian Wedding | Image Resource : thebridalbox.com

The ceremony derives its name from an application of turmeric that occurs during the ritual. Haldi has been an integral part of our kitchen in terms of food preparation, thanks to the numerous health benefits it provides. It not only provides taste and colour to your food, but it has a religious significance attached to it at the same time.

Importance of Haldi ceremony

  • The most important trait of a haldi ceremony happens to the haldi paste that is incorporated by mixing sandalwood, rose water, turmeric lead to the formation of a fragrant mixture that is then smeared all over the body.
  • The elders in the family apply this paste on their legs, feet, arms and legs of both the bride and the groom. This is all in anticipation of the big day that is just a couple of days away.
  • This event is rounded with breath taking music, lots of fun and not forgetting a delicious mouth-watering food as well.
  • To remove evils

As per religious text, haldi is applied to ward off evils. It is said to protect the couple from any bad omen that is likely to happen before the great day. It is for the same reason on why there is a restriction of the bride and groom stepping out once haldi is applied.

  • Token of blessings

Ladies, who apply haldi paste on the couples, shower them with blessings of a happy and prosperous married life. This is something highly rated in terms of value as the couple begins a new journey in their life.

  • Purification

As per ancient texts, haldi is anticipated to have purification properties, when the paste is applied on the body it cleanses the skin and the souls of the couple who are going to tie the knot. An auspicious start to a new life is promised with full heart and soul.

  • Glowing skin

Leaving all things aide, turmeric has some intangible benefits associated with it also. During haldi ceremony the paste that is applied is considered to be a strong antiseptic that prevents pimples or acnes. The dead skin is peeled off to have a glowing skin.

  • What is more the faint pale yellow stain that is left behind by haldi provides you with an eternal glow that is divine and beautiful at the same time.

To sum it up, the haldi ceremony happens to be one of the important and exciting per marriage traditions as per Hindu mythology. If you are a would be bride, then soak in the glory of this event and at the same time shower in the blessings of the elders so that your wedding is stress free and smooth.