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  1. Changing Trends in Wedding Cards

    Wedding invitations have long been the first event of the build-up to a marriage in most faiths across of the world. Throughout history, invitations have seen changes and trends as beliefs and new cultures came up. However, the love and joy that they propagate has to be the same as it was years ago. What are the newest trends in wedding cards to make the day unforgettable?

    Trends in Wedding Cards: Here to Stay

    Wondering how to invite your guests in the best way possible and impress them in the process? Take a look at these latest trends in wedding cards.


    The Ganesha way of doing it is the auspicious way of doing it, believe many. Hindus believe that any venture, especially marriage, should begin with Lord Ganesha’s blessings. Cards in bright, lively colors

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  2. The 5 Things Everyone Asks When Choosing Indian Wedding Cards

    Right from choosing the perfect wedding cards, Indian marriages are often lavish and time-consuming affairs. From the first day till the final, you have to constantly be on the lookout for shopping and spending. But wedding cards are important in the sense that they map it all. So, how do you get your card to suit the functions you are going to have?

    Top 5 Considerations in Indian Wedding Cards

    Be on the lookout for good vendors early. Have the final plan ready with you so that you can immediately place an order for the perfect Indian wedding cards to mark your special day. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while placing an order for your invites:

    Decide on the Theme

    Be it a modern wedding or a traditional one, you can match the theme with the design of the card. Different kinds of weddings have differing events and could vary in terms of the length of each event. Invites

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  3. What to Include in Your Wedding Invitation?

    Wedding invitations need the right amount of detail and appropriate placing of information to ensure that your guests know exactly when each function is to take place and where. From the top to the bottom, you mustn’t miss out a single speck of requisite information.

    What You Must Include in a Wedding Invitation

    Traditional symbols are an integral part of Indian weddings and hence these must be included in your wedding invitation as well. Usually, various forms of the image of Lord Ganesha are used on the cover and at the top of the main leaf. You could use thick lines to depict the rotund-bellied god and the familiar trunk and ears.

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