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Changing Trends in Wedding Cards

Changing Trends in Wedding Cards  by parekhcards 14/12/2012 at 13:00

Wedding invitations have long been the first event of the build-up to a marriage in most faiths across of the world. Throughout history, invitations have seen changes and trends as beliefs and new cultures came up. However, the love and joy that they propagate has to be the same as it was years ago. What are the newest trends in wedding cards to make the day unforgettable?

Trends in Wedding Cards: Here to Stay

Wondering how to invite your guests in the best way possible and impress them in the process? Take a look at these latest trends in wedding cards.


The Ganesha way of doing it is the auspicious way of doing it, believe many. Hindus believe that any venture, especially marriage, should begin with Lord Ganesha’s blessings. Cards in bright, lively colors with a minimalistic Ganesha image over them is an unbeatable wedding card idea. Moreover, the idea itself has become very universal. Symbols like the trunk, ears and the famous elephant-eye that Ganesha is associated with have become a rage.

Subtle Designs

Subtle designs are in, more than ever before. Subtle designs look sophisticated and lend a chic feel to the invitation. These could involve minimum use of bright colors and a dash of spirituality.

Minimalism in wedding invitations can be great with cards in off-white, with light and trim borders and a traditional pattern in the centre and at alternate corners.

Designs with Intricate Embellishments for that Grandiose Feel

Depending on your faith, there are a plethora of options available if you want to settle for nothing less than sheer splendor. While the shape could alternate between the evergreen square and the modern die-cut versions, colors and material decide the final look of this card. Exquisite patterns could adorn the background, while the image of a royal couple with shimmering kundans sets the card afire, as in this piece.

Another type of wedding card that is gaining popularity is a rectangular scented board with kundan patterns, indicative of gold on the left to go with a die-cut flap on the right. While the color choices are vast, you could go with the shades of bridal red, partnering a light yellow.

Scrolls are also another way of spelling out the grandeur that your wedding is. These cards can have ornate golden bars at the ends and silk paper in blushing red to give it the perfect matrimonial feel.

A two tone tassel ties up the invitation and the scroll can be kept safely in a silk handmade paper envelope.
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