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Parekh Cards: For Custom Designed Greetings and Invitations

Parekh Cards: For Custom Designed Greetings and Invitations  by parekhcards 18/02/2014 at 11:30

Parekh Cards has always aimed at impressing its esteemed clientele. This is why we go the extra mile to custom design any type you card you need. Invitation cards are the perfect complement to the splendid affair your wedding is going to be. This is why we’ve geared up to cater to the beautiful season of weddings. We have gathered an exclusive collection of templates and samples for you to choose from and get customized cards ready for your wedding or a party you’re hosting.

We Can Design Your Card Just the Way You Want

From bridal showers to wedding cards, thread ceremony cards, housewarming party cards, silver ceremony cards and much more, we have everything ready here for you to pick and combine. Customize your cards like never before through a few simple steps.

Choose a Sample

From our collection of exclusive card samples, just choose the main card, the envelope and the interleaf, and two inserts of your chosen design. Here is a sample if you want to get a wedding card customized:

The front view of the card and the envelope, respectively

The complete view

Samples are also available for festivals in ethnic, religious and corporate styles.

Invitation Wordings

The team designing the text content at Parekh Cards is well-informed and experts at artistic expression. Our team has been designing the content of every card made here to the sharpest detail you provide us with. All you need to do is click on ‘Wedding Invitation Wordings,’ placed at the bottom bar of the homepage.

Logos and Fonts

Our inventory of logos for cards remains an evergreen soiree of motifs and popular images from different faiths from all over the world. Considered auspicious, these images evoke positivity and cheer. So while getting your card customized, you can choose from images like Ganesha, Om, Swastika, Kalash, or from the five pillars of Islam, the very auspicious ‘786’, the Waheguru symbol, the Khalsa symbol, or general symbols like glasses, cakes, dhols, or images for birthday parties.

You can choose poems or quotes to suit your event from our collection and use them to personalize your invitations.
You can get the wordings of your card done in many special fonts. Based on your taste and inclination for style, you can either choose ornate fonts, such as:

If you prefer subtlety and clarity for your wordings, you can go for something like this:

We can further customize these by letting you decide the ink shades for your logos and fonts. Printing options below every card will let you select the desired shade. You can add to the customization by having your own, unique and personalized seal with the bride and groom’s initials that we provide absolutely free.

We have a vast range of cards for every occasion or event possible this festive season. All you need to do is click here.


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