If there is one guiding force behind what Parekh Cards, your global cards and greeting services provider, swears by, it is dedication to the customers’ wish and instruction.

“Without communication, there is no relationship, without respect, there is no love, without trust, there is no reason to continue.” ~ Unknown

Parekh Cards intends to keep up the communication, the respect, and the love for its customers, and also in what its trade is. And the latest example of that is the fact that we’re now extending greetings and the connect we’ve had with our customers on Facebook, the popular social network. You just have to visit https://www.facebook.com/ParekhCardsPvtLtd to see what we’re up to on Facebook.

Our Face and Book on Facebook: But How?

Parekh Cards’ Face: We Communicate
Our Facebook page aims at talking to our customers and visitors by inviting your answers to questions and responses to quotes and articles in well-known dailies. One example of this was the article we shared on grand Indian weddings recently, from Forbes magazine. Our quotes on relationships are meant to rekindle your feelings about love and matrimony. We also share on Facebook, card samples and exclusive designs newly launched by us.

Our Facebook page is our face also because we leave no stone unturned to express and communicate through visuals. Our image and video shares have been fairly successful, with the aesthetic pleasure they offer visitors.


We share photos, images and quotes in the visual form to communicate and express what the different aspects of our services stand for.

Parekh Cards’ Book: We Inform and Educate

Our presence on Facebook is a reminder of the fact that we not only provide cards for any party or wedding you’re having, but of our commitment to the customer experience. We aim at making your event a success by informing you about the new and the old concerning weddings and relationships. Our video demonstration on Facebook on how to place an order with us stands testimony to the fact that we ensure your convenience. We supply our customers and readers with trivia on trends, rituals and beliefs concerning marriage. This can include information on make-up, dressing, wedding invitations, and the history of wedding rituals.


Parekh Cards presents information that is just as trustworthy as in a book. To our customers from various faiths and cultures, we also offer the latest trends in celebrity marriages. The marriage of actress Gul Panag and the description of her outfit was one such post on our Facebook page.

You can also suggest edits to us on our Facebook page and ‘Like’ the page to receive interesting trivia and notifications concerning weddings and updates on our offerings. Visit our Facebook Page and check out what is on TODAY.