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  1. 11 Pretty Floral Jadas We Spotted on South Indian Brides

    A South Indian wedding just like the North Indian ones lasts for weeks. It obviously happens in three stages - the pre wedding week, the wedding week and the post wedding week. Around this time different ceremonies take place to make the bond between the couple stronger.

    Well obviously the bride needs to look the best on her wedding day. One of the great things about south Indian weddings are the fact that they have really great taste in the jewelleries and the sarees they wear. Mostly they prefer to wear sarees made of south Indian silk material. They are available in all sorts of gorgeous shades and colours. The bride adorns herself in flowers and jewelleries and they put extra effort on their hair. A very exclusive hairstyle that is common to the south Indians are the Jadas.

    The hair is basically braided into a tight plait and it is decorated with pretty

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  2. #Trending: Stunning Bridal Mehendi Designs We Spotted in 2018

    Mehendi is a traditional pre wedding ceremony. It wasn't these elaborate designs that we see now a days. It used to be really simple in the early days where simple dye was used to colour the hand and feet of the hand.

    In addition to the aesthetics that Mehendi designs provide it is also a very important ritual in Indian weddings. It symbolizes the strength of the union of the couple who are soon to be married and it is believed that the darker the colour is of the Mehendi, the happier and prosperous will the couple live for the rest of their lives. Some South-Asian mothers or grandmothers even relate to the fact that how the colour of the Mehendi is related to the love the husband has for his wife.

    This ritual is very important in for the bride as well. Traditionally, this ceremony was held the night before the wedding took place and it was one of the final

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  3. 10 Choreographed Songs For Your 2018 Bridal Solo!

    Yay! Wedding season is finally upon us and what better way than to have a proper curated playlist for your big day. Seriously Indian Weddings are so fun and besides Indian weddings are never complete without all the guests dancing around to the beat of Bollywood songs in their designer saree and lehengas. It's about having fun and nothing is better than dancing in unison to the dance of your favourite bollywood songs!

    Choreographed Songs For Your 2018 Bridal Solo Choreographed Songs For Your 2018 Bridal Solo | Image Resource :

    Sangeet is a very

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  4. 10 Best Hacks To Get Rid Of The Uninvited Guest At Your Wedding

    Oh the agony! When you have spent so much of your time deciding over whom you are going to call to your wedding and scrutinizing every details of your guest list, there will be someone who will show up uninvited. Of course the finalizing takes places after you have distributed all of your unique wedding cards that you had designed; to the people you want to be at your wedding. But if you were to learn how to deal with your uninvited wedding guests here are a few hacks you can apply right away!

    Hacks To Get Rid Of The Uninvited Guest Hacks To Get Rid Of The Uninvited Guest | Image Resource :

    1. The term "wedding crashers"

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