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  1. Adding a Special Touch: 5 Key Components of Sikh Wedding Invitations

    Planning a Sikh wedding is a momentous and deeply meaningful journey. Amidst the multitude of considerations that go into orchestrating this special day, a vital aspect demands attention—the wedding invitation. In this article, uncover five pivotal elements of Punjabi wedding invitation card that will infuse a distinctive charm into your grand occasion!

    Traditional Card Stock and Hues

    Sikh wedding invitations consistently employ conventional card stock and encompass a spectrum of colours. Among these, pink, red, and green prevail as the most popular choices. Pink, denoting affection frequently graces wedding invites. Red, symbolizing prosperity is believed to usher fortune to the couple. Green, the emblem of fertility, embodies the spirit of new beginnings.

    Creative Incorporations in Wordings

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  2. Customs and Traditions of Punjabi Weddings: A Comprehensive Guide

    From rituals and customs to fashion and more, here's a complete overview of Punjabi weddings.

    When we think of a Punjabi wedding, the first things that come to mind are food, fun, and lots of dancing! These vibrant celebrations are an integral part of Punjab's rich culture. The extravaganza includes shimmering, colourful outfits, extravagant décor, and an open bar, making it the epitome of a big fat wedding. But beneath the loud revelries lies the authentic pomp and splendour of Punjabi wedding traditions. In this instalment of the Wedding Tradition Series, we'll take you on a kaleidoscopic journey, exploring various regional cultures, rituals, customs, and more.

    As more couples from diverse cultures and even different countries tie the knot, they seek to create a beautiful blend of celebrations that will remain etched in their memories and those of their guests forever. Whether you're a bride or

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  3. The Marvels of Punjabi Weddings: A Celebration Like No Other

    Punjabis are renowned for their exuberance, zest for life, and ability to create an atmosphere of pure joy. Their weddings, known as one of the most extravagant and elaborate affairs, are a testament to their vibrant culture and rich traditions. From the moment the festivities begin until the last beats of the music fade away, Punjabi weddings offer a mesmerizing experience that lingers in the hearts of all who attend.

    A celebration of the community

    Punjabi weddings are not just limited to the immediate families of the bride and groom. They are grand affairs that bring together a vast network of relatives, friends, and well-wishers from both sides. It is not uncommon to witness hundreds of families joining the celebration, creating an atmosphere of warmth, camaraderie, and togetherness.

    The involvement of so many people adds a unique charm and a sense of unity to these joyous occasions. Pre and post-wedding rituals are also marked by the active participation of

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