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#Trending: Stunning Bridal Mehendi Designs We Spotted in 2018

#Trending: Stunning Bridal Mehendi Designs We Spotted in 2018 by parekhcards 22/06/2018 at 1:00

Mehendi is a traditional pre wedding ceremony. It wasn't these elaborate designs that we see now a days. It used to be really simple in the early days where simple dye was used to colour the hand and feet of the hand.

In addition to the aesthetics that Mehendi designs provide it is also a very important ritual in Indian weddings. It symbolizes the strength of the union of the couple who are soon to be married and it is believed that the darker the colour is of the Mehendi, the happier and prosperous will the couple live for the rest of their lives. Some South-Asian mothers or grandmothers even relate to the fact that how the colour of the Mehendi is related to the love the husband has for his wife.

This ritual is very important in for the bride as well. Traditionally, this ceremony was held the night before the wedding took place and it was one of the final time before they all got together before she started off her life with a new family. Even today when this whole prospect of the woman leaving her family to live with her in-laws seems old, the tradition of Mehendi is still performed even to this day and forms one of the important rituals before the wedding takes place.

During Mehendi the bride dances and sings with her friends and the whole ceremony is highlighted by the fact that the bride's closest friends would put up performances. Many brides also send Mehendi cards to her friends in order to invite them over for the ritual.

Well of course the Mehendi ritual would be incomplete if you didn't actually get your hands and feet adorned by beautiful and intricate designs. So here is a list of all the Mehendi designs that are trending in 2018!

Bridal Mehendi Designs Bridal Mehendi Designs | Image Resource :

A very intricate design that covers up half of your hand. The left side of course is a mirror image of the right. Both of them make a great design in unison.

Bridal Mehendi Designs Bridal Mehendi Designs | Image Resource :

Or maybe you could choose this one, where it focuses more on the upper part of your hand.

Bridal Mehendi Designs Mehendi Designs | Image Resource :

This too covers up almost your entire hand, beautiful nonetheless!

Stunning Bridal Mehendi Designs Stunning Bridal Mehendi Designs | Image Resource :

In a lot of ways the Mehendi ceremony still to this date continues to serve a purpose of the bridal shower, a Western ritual that didn't get popular until the nineteenth century. Before the western culture had adopted the bridal shower ceremony and had finally become a feature exclusive to the western culture, South Asian people continue with their Mehendi ceremony with their closest friends.

Even though now a days the these rituals are getting even more modern day by day, the core concept of the Mehendi ceremony where the bride would invite her closest friends before her wedding is still common to this day as it was five thousand years ago.


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