Wedding invitations need the right amount of detail and appropriate placing of information to ensure that your guests know exactly when each function is to take place and where. From the top to the bottom, you mustn’t miss out a single speck of requisite information.

What You Must Include in a Wedding Invitation

Traditional symbols are an integral part of Indian weddings and hence these must be included in your wedding invitation as well. Usually, various forms of the image of Lord Ganesha are used on the cover and at the top of the main leaf. You could use thick lines to depict the rotund-bellied god and the familiar trunk and ears.

Similarly, Doli symbols could adorn the contours of the inside of the card or the envelope. These could include images of the bride being carried in a palanquin by an entourage and men with gongs and trumpets. Follow it up with auspicious couplets.

Events as they would actually happen should be listed in the best way possible. Indian weddings have traditionally been long affairs. Mention important events like the baraat, additional events before or after the actual ceremony, dinner/cocktail, and the Bidai. Events like Mehndi and Sangeet should also be included in the list of events. In case you want to choose certain guests for each of these events, make sure to have leaves of each of these events printed separately.

The details of the events would include the venue and the timings, so that your guests have absolutely no confusion about where they need to be and when. You may want to provide an additional map leaflet along with the venue to make sure your guests don’t get lost.

One of the most important parts of a wedding card is the RSVP section. Make sure that you include the right names and contact numbers here. Make sure to inform these persons of their duties too.

It is important also to choose carefully the size and shape of your wedding invitation carefully. You can have additional inner envelopes that let you specify your guests. You can do this by addressing the outer envelope to a single friend and the inner to “guest.” Single sheet cards too can be classy alternatives.

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