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How to Throw an Authentic Indian Wedding?

How to Throw an Authentic Indian Wedding? by parekhcards 18/08/2017 at 11:00

The number of events as part of an Indian wedding is numerous in number which might leave you in a state of confusion of what to include and what to be left. With so much diversity on offer, it becomes pretty difficult to move forward.

Authentic Indian Wedding Authentic Indian Wedding | Image Resource :

To get the ball rolling you would need Authentic Indian Wedding Cards in the first place. You are bound to have an image of your wedding in your mind. Wedding cards convey the first impression in terms of wedding and there are available in a variety of styles along with patterns. You can consider looking at designer or themed wedding cards as per your desire. It will reveal a positive image in the minds of the guests.

Wedding cards are a perfect way to communicate to the clients on what they expect from you.

Throwing an Indian wedding will evolve you to consider the following points.

1. Pre wedding

  • Haldi

Indian Wedding Haldi Indian Wedding Haldi | Image Resource :

It is held at the respective home of the bride and the groom two days before the actual wedding. As per Hindu traditions, it is not only done to bring a glow on the skin but to ward off any evil

  • Sangeet and Mehendi

Indian Wedding Sangeet and Mehendi Indian Wedding Sangeet and Mehendi | Image Resource :

An important component of an Indian wedding is Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony. It is the place where the mehendi application of the bride takes place and the guests are treated to music. In most cases it is a ladies only affair

2. Wedding

  • Baraat

Indian Wedding Baraat Indian Wedding Baraat | Image Resource :

It marks the day where the groom and the bride arrive at the wedding venue with lots of show and pomp. As per Indian tradition, the groom is welcomed by the bride's family at the entrance of the hall

  • Jai Mala

Indian Wedding Jai Mala Indian Wedding Jai Mala | Image Resource :

Once the groom arrives, he is escorted to the venue of the wedding. As per traditions, here the couple exchanges Jai Mala or garland once the bride comes face to face with the groom

  • Kanyadaan

Indian Wedding Kanyadaan Indian Wedding Kanyadaan | Image Resource :

After this the wedding ceremony begins. In the midst of mantars, both families prepare for this auspicious occasion. This is termed as Kanyadaan or giving of the bride. When the designated time arrives, the father of the bride gives her hand by pouring holy water to the groom. This is followed by tying of the mangalsutra by the groom on the neck of the bride which confirms that she is officially married. If you are looking at throwing an authentic Indian wedding as per tradition, then this ceremony holds a lot of importance'

  • Saat phere

Indian Wedding Saat phere Indian Wedding Saat phere | Image Resource :

Once the kanyadaan is over, the couple takes seven pharis over the Agni. Holy vows are made as per the rituals and this marks the conclusion of the wedding procedure.

3. Post wedding

This is a very humble way of thanking the guests for attending your wedding.

Once the rituals are done and dusted it is time for the elders in the family to shower their ashirwad or blessings on the couple. In an Indian wedding the elders approach the couple one by one, present them a gift and shower their blessings on them. After this the guests proceed for lunch.


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