Hindu weddings are always been lavish affairs. Preparations usually start months in advance. And it is best to get all the necessary things ready in time. Wedding cards are among these important things. However, what all does one consider when choosing a wedding card for a Hindu wedding?

Tips on Choosing Hindu Wedding Cards

Whenever you want to finalize a look and feel for your wedding card, research well. Look at all the different options for designs, colors, stationery and budget before making a final decision. And before you place a bulk order, definitely ask for samples to check what the end product will look like. Here are some more things to keep in mind.

Hindu weddings are very traditional affairs. You can choose from an array of vibrant hues like gold, red, saffron and green. These traditional invites can be coupled with golden ribbons and beads.


However, you can also go for subtler variations with shades of light yellow and pink in order to get a calmer feel. Similarly, for patterns, you can opt for floral designs and couple these with shades of yellow ochre.


Motifs and Logos
Hindu weddings are characterized by the Ganesha motif. If you want to go for religious logos, this is the perfect choice, with the trunk, ears and pot-belly auspiciously reminiscent of the Elephant god. Ganesha can be embossed outside the cover and at the top of the inside segment, and is popular with the young and old alike.


Doli symbols also rule Hindu wedding cards. These are traditional depictions of the bride being carried in a palanquin by an entourage from the groom’s side. Images of the Swastika and Om also are considered auspicious additions to the card, as are the Kalash and Dhol.


Wording and Text Font
It is very necessary to get the wording at various places in the card right. The wording should be informative, sufficient, and should be readable. Go for font types that easy to read and do not loop around too much. Similarly, font color should be in contrast with the color of the base, preferably.


Additional Wedding Card Stationery
Stationery for the Hindu wedding card as well as for accompanying cards and wedding program books should be of high quality. Go for matching envelopes.


Finally, check on the pricing of the entire package, including the additional leaflets you might want to insert for specific pre-wedding functions, and ensure that you choose a package that suits your budget.
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