Nowadays, many modern couples love to hold their weddings in special places, which will make their marriages memorable for them and all those who will attend it. Therefore, the fashion of destination weddings is very popular among the affluent classes of the Indian society. Moreover, there are too many suitable tourist spots in India for organizing these weddings amidst the beauty of the nature, in the lovely hill stations or by the calm sea beaches. But the new couples and their families should remember a few essential matters while planning the destination weddings.

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Points to be considered while planning a destination wedding

  • The location for the destination wedding should be chosen very wisely, keeping in mind the choice of both the bride and the groom in this matter. Moreover, the chosen place should contain enough hotels or lodges, where all the wedding guests can stay comfortably for a few days.
  • A competent wedding planner can help in choosing the best destination for wedding, according to the type of place loved by the new couple. Hence, it is important to hire a well known even planner or coordinator, who has prior experience of organizing such destination weddings. Though this hiring may raise the wedding budget, the expertise of these professionals proves this expense worthwhile.

  • The chosen location for destination marriage should be easily reachable by all the wedding guests, who need to be invited in royal style, better with exclusive designer scroll wedding invitations. Therefore, the shortlisted place should be well connected with all other parts of the world, by flights, trains or cars.

  • As the destination weddings are mostly organized outdoor amidst the nature, it is best to keep the artificial wedding decorations to a minimum level. Thus, the wedding decor expenses can be reduced as well, compensating the extra expenditure of arranging the wedding in a far-off place to some extent. The naturally available flowers, creepers and colored shells can be used instead, to decorate the wedding venue artistically.

  • The season at which the wedding is supposed to be held is a major factor in choosing the location for destination wedding. For example, many hill stations are not easily accessible during severe winters or rainy seasons. Therefore, the environment at the chosen location should be enjoyable at the schedule season of the marriage.

  • It is necessary to arrange for local caterer, decorator and other vendors working in the destination chosen for wedding, to save the extra expense of carrying all the vendors from the couple's own locality to the selected place. So someone from the couple’s families should visit the scheduled destination months before the wedding and check on the availability of the all the required services there.

  • The wedding dress of the bride and groom should be chosen according to the destination of the wedding. The colors and the materials of these dresses need to be comfortable and match the environments of those places. For example, a beachside wedding demand the new couple to choose light fabrics to make their wedding attires, for being comfortable in the seaside weather.

The wedding couples can expect a brilliant destination wedding, if they keep in mind all these above mentioned points while planning for their special day in a memorable manner.