Indian weddings are marked with inevitable grandeur and cheerful festive rituals. So the dresses of the brides and grooms also need to match the spirit of the occasion. Generally, separate dresses are tailored or purchased for the new couple to wear on Mehendi, Sangeet and the main wedding ceremony. These wedding attires are expected to be highly colorful and gorgeous, with various embroideries and other ornamentations.

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Special ethnic wedding attires chosen for Indian bride and groom

  • In Haldi ceremony, the brides wear bright yellow or light orange colored sarees or salwar kameez, which are the most favored traditional dresses of Indian women. These colors are perfectly justified as yellow colored turmeric paste is smeared all over the face and the limbs of the bride, leading to yellow stains on her dresses, which may not be so prominent on yellow or orange bases. Likewise, the grooms are also suggested to wear yellow linen kurtas or waistcoats of yellow or golden colors, to match the occasion of Haldi.
  • Mehendi is another wedding related ritual for the Indians, which is specially meant for the bride and celebrated at the house of the bride only. Generally, it is advised to wear gorgeous silk dresses of olive green or maroon shades, to cover up the stains of Mehendi paste that may possibly stain the dress, if extreme care is not adopted while its application on the hands and feet of the bride. Moreover, the bride should choose short-sleeved and loose fitting comfortable dress items, so that her arms are free for making Mehendi designs on them and also she can easily sit for hours at a stretch, while the hired Mehendi artist is creating exclusive Mehendi designs all over her hands and feet.
  • Sangeet is a function that is attended by both the families of the bride and the groom. Thus, the bride needs to dress in colorful lehenga-cholis or Anarkali suits or sarees made of chiffon or silks, with which she feel comfortable to dance to the rhythms played during the ceremony, while sporting the most elegant look among all the ladies present from both sides. As red is commonly chosen for wedding ceremony, now many brides choose to wear unusual colors, like fuchsia pink, sea green or royal blue, with shimmering golden or silver works all over the attires. The grooms wear mostly wear trendy Kurta and Pajama, where the Pajama may be of white of any light colors and the Kurta should be of any bright or dark color, in contrast to the color of his Pajama. These wedding dresses for men are mostly made from silk or satin, to match splendor of the occasion.
  • The brides usually prefer crimson red or shades of red for the base colors of their wedding dress; as red is considered to be auspicious in Indian marriages. Normally, ethnic Indian attires, like sarees, lehenga-cholis or salwar suits with matching dupattas are widely chosen for the bridal dresses.
  • These dresses are mostly made of expensive silks, satin or velvet that are elaborately adorned with golden zari embroideries or shining embellishments, to make the bride center of attraction during her wedding ceremony. The grooms also wear similarly gorgeously embroidered Kurta or Sherwani of various fluorescent colors, made of costly fabrics, like silk or velvet or brocade.

Apart from the bride and groom, all the wedding guests are also seen to be wearing their most expensive dresses while attending a wedding ceremony, making the whole venue dazzling with colors.