The Indian weddings are always attended by plenty of relatives and friends of both bride and the groom. All these guests are warmly invited by sending them the specially created wedding invitation cards. The love and respect of the new couple for the guests are clearly reflected in the wordings of these Indian invitation letters, which contain some common characteristics, in spite of the differences in religions and cultures in different parts of this country.

Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

Noteworthy qualities of the Indian wedding invitation wordings

  • As most of the Indians are quite religious-minded in nature, they prefer to start their wedding invitation letter to start with the name of any deity or phrases from their respective pious scriptures. For example, the Hindus use quotes from Bhagavad Gita or Vedas; while the Muslims put in phrases in Arabic from Holy Quran or the Sikhs want the invitation letter to start with lines from Guru Granth Sahib.
  • The details about the family background of the bride and the groom are informed within the invitation letter, to provide the guests some idea about the identity of the new couple, as they may not know both of them personally. The ancestral roots of the bride or groom may also be mentioned here, if anything special is there to be worth informed to the guests.

  • The guests are then warmly requested on behalf of the new couple and their families to attend the wedding. The Indian wedding invitation wordings distinctly show how much these guests are wished to be present at the wedding ceremony and all the related functions, to share the joy with these celebrating families.

  • The wedding invitation letter needs to end with the detailed address of the wedding venue, exact date and time of the wedding ceremony, all mentioned in bold letters. Many people also mention the dates, times and venues of all other pre-wedding or post-wedding functions; like Mehendi, Sangeet and wedding reception. Usually, the addresses are accompanied by specific landmarks, to help the guests to find the places very easily.

  • All the wordings of the Indian invitation letters are usually written in red or golden colors, or any other dark color that will shine brightly against the chosen background color of the wedding card. But no one allows these wordings to be written in black ink, as black is supposed to be unlucky for events like weddings, as per general Indian beliefs.

  • The invitation letters for Indian weddings are usually undersigned in the name of the eldest member of the family of the bride or groom, from whichever side the card is sent, according to the Indian tradition of respecting the elders of the family.

All these characteristics of the Indian wedding invitations set these letters apart from the cultures of other countries of the world. Even the Indians settled abroad try to maintain these features, while inviting their Indian relatives and friends to the weddings of their families. These wordings show the strong attachment of the wedding couple to their Indian traditions.