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Romantic Wedding Destinations Of India

Romantic Wedding Destinations Of India by parekhcards 25/06/2014 at 4:00

India boasts of variety and the Indian marriage destinations are a perfect epitome of variety. There are many different types of marriage destinations in India where you can solemnize your wedding. It will remain etched in your memory as a divine bond.


Goa is where all the romance seems to blossom in India. Goa is an ideal place for a couple to get married in India. If you are a Christian, there are several Gothic and Victorian churches where marriage will be a memorable event.

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The backwaters of Kerala have always been a popular honeymoon destination. Kerala also boasts of several conducive locations for marriage. The backwaters can be a pleasant change to all your guests. You may even arrange for your first night on a houseboat.


The pink city of Rajasthan is an equally good pick for people who love traditional India. The city has several palaces and lovely architectural structures. You can plan a wedding in any of these.


Srinagar is a very beautiful city with its fabulous gardens. A marriage planned on the Shikara can be truly unique. You may even try different ways to reveal the culture of the place while arranging for your wedding.

How To Select An Apt Location For Your Wedding?

One needs to consider various factors while planning a wedding. Here we have listed a few of the major factors you must consider while planning your wedding:

  • Select a location that is easily reachable for your parents and loved ones.
  • Always choose a location that you know about or have done ample research.
  • Calculate the expenses and compare before you finalise a location.
  • Buy wedding cards online from reliable retailers.
  • Plan the event beforehand.


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