Wedding is a very significant occasion in everyone’s life. All preparations have to be done properly and wedding invitation is the first step in these preparations. There are many different styles, types, designs and patterns among wedding cards. Here we help you classify the wedding cards and hence decide the best wedding card for your special occasion.

Wedding Card In The Envelope

The most common traditional wedding card in India is the card in the envelope style. It is simple yet has all the necessary features of a wedding card. You will find several colorful options to choose from.

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Fan Shaped Wedding Card

You may regard this as one of the traditional wedding card designs. It is shaped like the fan used in royal courts. It is artistically created and usually a card for the Hindu weddings.

Pull Open Wedding Card

This is a unique style of wedding card. Here you just need to pull a string to open a wedding card. They come in many different colors and is not really region or class specific.

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Patrika Wedding Card

The wedding card resembles a letter of the bygone era. It has a shape that is very beautiful. It may even be referred to as the wedding patrika. If you believe in opting for traditional designs, this may definitely be a good option.

Dress For Summer Wedding Patrika Wedding Card | Image Resource : Patrika Wedding Card

Types Based On Pattern

The wedding invitations may also be classified based on the patterns on the cards. The patterns are greatly influenced by religion, region, caste and creed. The patterns can help you distinguish a Hindu wedding card from a Islamic wedding invitation.

Materials Used For Wedding Cards

It would be wise of you to select wedding cards made from eco-friendly materials. These do not harm the surroundings in any way.

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