The weddings always go by the rules and age old customs. The society sticks to the age old norms. Some of these traditions and customs are wasteful and ethically wrong. Time and broader perspective of individuals has lead to a whole new trend in the wedding customs which are much more acceptable.

Lower Expenses

People are slowly realising that there is no sense in spending so much money on pomp and show. They are spending less on show and investing the money so that they can have a secure future. The young couples also prefer to have low-key marriages and use the money to buy land or property.

No To Dowry

Dowry was a very bad system that existed not just in the Indian society but in many different parts of the world. The young Indians are aware that asking for dowry is a very cheap system and they strongly oppose even when their parents try to continue the custom.

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Eco-friendly Arrangements

Every event or function has many such occasions or instances where the surrounding is polluted or hampered. People are now aware of the environmental issues and try to contribute in their own little way to save the planet. They even go to the extent of opting for eco-friendly Indian marriage cards. This will surely help the nation and the world.

Court Marriages

The trend of marrying in the court simply to avoid the unnecessary expenses is another growing trend which must be appreciated. The couple then give a small party to the family and dear ones. This is definitely better than the wasteful showing off which does not help anyone.

The changing trends are a clear proof that people are getting wiser now. The youngsters of today want to bring a positive change in the society. They are setting new trends which are based on values and ethics.