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The Popular Indian First Night Wedding Traditions

The Popular Indian First Night Wedding Traditions by parekhcards 19/06/2014 at 4:00

Marriage is the divine union of two souls and it is regarded very pious in India. This is the reason why marriages are organised with a lot of pomp and show. Some of the first night customs are very interesting. Here are some of the rituals that you may have seen even in the Bollywood flicks.

Stealing The Shoes

In many parts of India, as a part of the wedding ritual or after the wedding, the bride's family steal's the groom's shoes and hides it. The groom has to find it or pay any amount that he is requested to inorder to get the shoes back.

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Decorated Beds For The Couple

The ritual of decorating the beds for the couple on the first night with rose petals may appear churlish or even embarrassing to some yet it surely adds fun to the whole custom.

Milk To Be Shared By The Couple

Hot milk is served to the couple. The couple is supposed to share the hot glass of milk. The milk topped with saffron is supposed to give the couple strength to begin their new life. It is believed that sharing of the glass of milk increases love and the couple stays united for ever.

The Young Sister-in-laws Teasing The Groom

This is a ritual which has also been portrayed in many films. The sister-in-laws do not let the groom reach his room. They stop him and tease him. They try to acquire gifts from him. The groom tries hard to reach his bride and often has to spend money so that he may go his way.

These are just a couple of common rituals followed nearly everywhere in India. India is a nation with a lot of diversity. The rituals vary greatly in North India and South India. The trends are changing but these customs remain as Indians prefer to cling to their roots.


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