The modern Indian has superior tastes. He prefers invitation cards that are stylish and elegant. The Indian wedding card design preferred by the modern Indian couple have some unique aspects that make them special. Here we have listed these aspects. Read to know the specific tastes of young Indian couples.

Design Simplicity

Simple designs usually look elegant and attractive. The youngsters therefore always opt for simple designs for wedding invitation cards. These designs may include traditional patterns like the Paisley pattern or the floral pattern.

Embellished With Elegance

Some of these cards are embellished with graceful beads that give it a royal appeal. Youngsters always choose wedding invites that are decorated in a simple fashion but yet maintain their elegance.

Modified for Convenience

The modern wedding cards mostly have additions like a detailed map. The map shows the clear view of the way to the marriage location. This simplifies the marriage experience for the couple making it a lot more convenient.

Worded To Welcome

The invitation cards are worded to welcome the guests. They may include religious sayings and shlokas too. Attractive fonts are used to make the guest feel welcome.

Crafted To Cure

The modern Indian couples are very thoughtful. They think of the future generations and that is the reason why they opt for eco-friendly wedding cards. These do not harm the surroundings in any way.

Materials and Fabrics

The card materials vary from place to place. The most common material is paper and recycled paper. You may also commonly come across velvet and silk fabric used to make wedding cards. Choice of material may vary with the card construction too.

Card Construction

There are many different types of card constructions. Some of the common ones are fan type wedding cards, scroll wedding cards and wedding card envelopes. Online e-wedding cards are also gaining a lot of importance these days.

These are some of the major highlights of the modern Indian wedding card. There are several online websites that offer wedding cards of different styles and patterns. The couple must take into consideration their choice and requirements before they select an appropriate card for the wedding.