From the ancient times, India is known for its bridal attires. Indian bridal dresses are distinct from each other. India has numerous cultures from different regions. These differences in the culture can be seen in the designs of various Indian bridal wears from different states.

Over that past couple of years the design of these bridal wears have changed a lot. New patterns and trends have evolved. Many couples today plan a wedding that is a blend of both traditional and modern trends. The wedding attires are specifically designed to suite such an occasion.

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Often the brides preserve their wedding dress for a long time. Like wedding rings your bridal dress will always remind you of the beautiful wedding day for the rest of your life.

In India, wedding garments are regarded as a huge market. There are shops and markets that offer the buyers with designer clothing based on their preferences.

If you are looking for bridal wears in Mumbai, these are the top shops you should check out :

  • Dadar Emporium
  • Lazaree
  • Paneri
  • Selections
  • Madalyn
  • Roop Sangam

These shops will offer you the best set of bridal wears and various beautiful dresses to wear during a wedding. Customers are offered with unique and creative designs of latest bridal trends.

Every month there is different and fresh wedding collections launched by various designers. This has evolved the standard of Indian wedding dresses in India. Today, even small shops can offer a unique range of dresses for your wedding. So choosing a beautiful wedding dress is not a big deal.

Apart from the dress, accessories also play an important role. Similar dresses can look different when you wear them with different accessories. Choose the right accessories, bridal dress and look beautiful on your special day.