Applying foundation like a pro may not be that simple, especially if your skin is packed with loads of problems. But to help you overcome this misery, here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow for achieving that flawless skin in a hassle free manner.

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1. Find your perfect shade

Having the perfect foundation shade can do wonders on your skin. However, one shade lighter or darker can be equally bad. This is the reason why discovering the perfect shade according to your skin tone is of utmost importance. To do this you can sample test a few shades that you think are close to the color of your skin tone and then pick the one that blends seamlessly. The trick here lies in selecting the closet match, so that your makeup does not appear buildup.

2. Prep the skin appropriately

Before applying foundation you are have to prepare a canvas for it. For that there are only two steps that you have to follow

  • Apply moisturizer generously onto your skin and let it penetrate deep within.
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes and then follow it up with a primer.

This creates a smooth canvas, where your foundation can glide easily resulting into better coverage.

3. Blend it the right way

One of the best ways to apply foundation is to dot it across the face and concentrate it at those areas where you require sheer coverage. After that, blend it in upward strokes at the areas under the eyes and at the cupids bow. Later, go with downward strokes near the cheek bone and the forehead. To make the most it is professionals suggest using a beauty blender instead of brush as this would offer a fine coverage without any sort of brushing lines that usually happens when you use a foundation bush.

4. Concealer Always After Foundation

If you are someone who applies concealer before foundation then you have got it all wrong. Because when you use concealer first then you end up using it more and this ultimately makes your makeup appear heavy and leads to creases under eyes and chin. Hence, to achieve lightweight and crease free makeup one of the best practice is to go for foundation first later followed up with concealer.

5. Finish with luminous or setting powder

The final touch is to complete the look with a luminous powder. This will reduce the shine (which is lifesaver if you have oily T zone) and brighten up your face in no time. Make sure that you use the right amount of powder as too much can make the face quite shimmery, something that you would never want to happen.