Choosing wedding invitation cards is a big decision. Your wedding invitation is how your special occasion will be announced to family, friends, colleagues and other members of your community. There are a wide range of choices in wedding invitations and several popular trends for
Indian Wedding Cards that can be helpful in selecting the right cards for your wedding.

The options in wedding invitation cards range from simple to ornate. Some modern couples prefer the simple designs with one symbol and colors that are not too bold. Others prefer intricate designs, such as the popular scrolls and multi pocket Indian wedding cards.

The type of wedding will also dictate the kind of wedding invitation cards that work best for your occasion. If you are having a traditional wedding with multiple events, the cards with multiple pockets to announce each of the events are a wise choice. Some modern couples are sending only reception cards and keeping the ritual ceremony for family. These couples may find a simple, yet elegant scroll or modern design works best.

Colors for Indian wedding invitation cards are generally bold and rich. The traditional maroon color remains a popular choice among modern brides, but there are many popular colors and styles to choose from. Other rich tones, such as metallic, fuchsia, turquoise and deep colors are used on traditional as well as modern card designs.

The symbols found on Indian wedding cards can be from a wide variety of cultural and religious traditions. The diversity of religious culture in India includes Hindu, Christian and Muslim families planning Indian weddings. Many couples choose a card design with a traditional Indian symbol, or a religious symbol to create a design that fits the couple, or using symbols from two faiths, if the couple or families are from two different religious traditions.