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Unique Themes for a Silver Wedding Anniversary Party

Unique Themes for a Silver Wedding Anniversary Party   by parekhcards 11/05/2012 at 20:55

Your 25th wedding Anniversary is certainly a milestone that is crossed only once in your life (for those fortunate enough to reach it). It should be celebrated in a manner that gives you memories for a lifetime, being the special event that it is. The best way to do so is to throw a theme based bash that will have your friends and dear ones talking about it for years to come! Here are some exciting ideas for a theme based Silver Wedding Anniversary party.

Retro 80’s Theme
If you are celebrating your Silver Wedding Anniversary this year, your youth belonged to the flower child 80’s, when peace was the buzzword, pop music and Michael Jackson were a rage; Salman Khan was a strapping young lad and only Marutis and Fiats used to ply on the roads. Why not revisit the golden years once again? Put on Material Girl by Madonna, wear garish colors, put up old Bajaj and Laxman Sylvania ad videos on a projector…there is no dearth of options for such a bash. It would be an added bonus if you could get a Disco Ball and put it up in your living room!

Sterling Silver Theme
Sterling silver is a hallmark of elegance, so incorporating it into your Silver Anniversary theme will ensure a soft, sober yet grand atmosphere in the party. Use silverware (if you don’t have it, you can rent it or graciously request friends to provide it to you for a day). Hang silver ribbons twisted into spirals down the walls. You can team silver lace nets or curtains with a color like lavender to create a two tone color background. Silver and white go along well too.

Garnet or Tsavorite Theme
These colors can go well with a Silver Anniversary party. You can use these colors either on their own or in combination. Use these colors in your upholstery, your drapes, food plates, invitation cards and other stuff you will use on the day of the bash.

Iris Theme
Iris flower is symbolic to Silver Anniversary. One good idea will be to decorate you’re the party place with Iris flowers. You can also keep Iris pots at strategic locations, or line your driveway with them. Do not go overboard with it, too much of a floral element may spoil the charm. The flowers you use should be a mute reminder of the beauty and fragrance that permeates your everlasting relationship, a symbol of your bonding for each other.

Silver Anniversary cards from Parekh Cards weave together the finesse of metal or shimmering Kundan on paper to give you a masterpiece that will echo your words deep inside the receiver’s heart.


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