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Gift Ideas for Silver Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for Silver Wedding Anniversary  by parekhcards 11/05/2012 at 19:55

Celebrating a silver wedding anniversary is no mean feat in today’s world. It takes a great deal of love, perseverance and patience, and requires developing a strong bond that stands the test of time in the midst of financial, economic and personal turmoil.  

No wonder then that one must choose a gift for a couple celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary with great care, a gift that the couple will forever cherish. Here are some lovely gift ideas for such couples.

Top Three Gift Ideas for Silver Wedding Anniversary

  1. Silver gifts - The origins of associating the metal (and hence the color) silver with the 25th wedding anniversary of a couple go back to the Holy Roman Empire, where the couple would put silver wreaths on each other’s heads upon completion of 25 years of successful marriage. If you are low on your budget, gift the couple a bouquet in a wooden vase painted silver. You can also gift them a small gift kept in a silver colored pouch as a souvenir. If you can spare some more money, gift them a token silver coin or silver cutlery. For more discerning and distinguished recipients, pure silver decorations will make a gorgeous addition to any home’s décor.

  2. Auspicious gifts - An idol of Lord Ganesha in silver is a sought after addition to any couples private house temple. A wooden carving painted silver or a painting of a deity in a silver frame are more affordable options.

  3. Personalized gifts -If you can manage to get some photographs of the couple and if you can prepare a lovely collage out of those, nothing can be better than that. Not only will they hold it dear to their heart, they will love the effort you put in making it. It would be even better if you can make the frame by hand. You can print two photographs, of their wedding day and present day on a mug or a T shirt and gift it to them to remind them. Gifting a silver anklet to the wife and cufflinks to the husband would be another unique option. You can think of more options like this as well.

It will be great if you can write a short message on the gift card. This can add a personal touch to your gift.


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