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Silver Wedding Invitation Ideas

Silver Wedding Invitation Ideas  by parekhcards 11/05/2012 at 21:15

Preparing the right kind of invitation card for your Silver Wedding Anniversary goes a long way in showing the gratitude you have for your near and dear one. But choosing designs, style and theme of a card is not an easy task. Here are some stunning silver wedding invitations ideas for you.

Plan it well
Keep all considerations in mind right from the beginning. Write out your requirements and plan your finances accordingly. Elements to be incorporated into a written invitation must be in tune with the theme of the occasion. You can go online and take help of a reputable wedding invitation manufacturer for the same. For example, Parekh Cards offer a wide range of beautiful cards to suit your wedding invitation requirements.

Decide the words carefully
The language should be in accordance with the theme of the occasion. If you are throwing a sober ballroom dance party, cordially invite your friends and acquaintances by using a little of the Victorian style of writing. Start with prose, a verse or a couplet about marriage. If it is more informal, you can talk about old memories.

Try to personalize
If you are not calling too many people to the event, try to add at least a line for every person who you have planned to invite that is meant only for them in their invitation card. Nothing makes a person happier than to know somebody cares about their sentiments and loves them individually.

Improvise with the material
You can use a printed card as a template and add some memento that is a reminder of your relationship with the person you are sending the card to. For example, if you used to love sipping tea with a friend while in college, you can stick a tea bag inside the card designed for him.  Imagine the nostalgic look on their faces when they open the card!

God is in the details
Be very careful about mentioning the full details, the theme, attire expected (if any, as part of the theme) the location, the detailed address of the venue and the timings. Add a simple map below to help your invitees reach there. This is especially helpful for those who are coming from outside the city. List the RSVP details in full too. Do not use abbreviations anywhere.

From interfaith cards to religion specific cards, from chocolate boxes to gift bags, Parekh Card offers a wide range of wedding invitation card options. Let us make your wedding memorable for lifetime.


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