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Housewarming Party: What to Gift?

Housewarming Party: What to Gift?  by parekhcards 11/05/2012 at 22:00

In India, housewarming is famously known as “Griha Pravesh”. In Hindu tradition, Lord Satyanarayana’s idol is worshipped while conducting the house warming ceremony. This ceremony is usually organized on the holy day of “full moon” or “poornima.” Are you invited to one such house warming party? Have you decided on what to gift? Do you want to keep it simple or plan to gift something out of the box? Here are some suggestions that you can consider to gift on a house warming party.

# Suggestion 1
People who have just shifted to their new house might enjoy outdoor grilling. In this case, you can gift them an assortment of barbecue accessories such as basting mop, spatula, barbecue tongs and fork. You can also include a collection of barbecue sauces.

# Suggestion 2
If you wish to stay on the traditional side, then you can consider a basket of wine, bread and salt. According to ancient tradition, gifting bread and wine means that the members of the house never go hungry or remain thirsty; salt is symbol of good luck.

# Suggestion 3
If the host of the house warming party is fond of liquor, then you can gift them different types of liquor glasses such as margarita, pilsner and martini glasses. Complement these glasses with a liquor bottle. Tequila with margarita glasses, beer with the pilsner glasses and vodka with martini glasses.

# Suggestion 4
As per the old tradition, bluebirds are considered to bring good luck and happiness to the new home. It is a widely known fact that bluebirds symbolize prosperity, new birth, cheerfulness, hearth and home and good health.

# Suggestion 5
A bouquet of fresh flowers along with a beautiful vase is probably the best pick as a housewarming present. You can consider gifting glass vase, crystal vase, porcelain vase or a ceramic vase.

# Suggestion 6
Candles are one of the ideal gifts. You can get scented pillar candles along with candle holders. The new homeowners can put these candles around different sections of their house.

# Suggestion 7
You can consider the option of gifting kitchen appliances such as toaster, juicer, blender or mixer. A combined set of forks and knives will also make a great addition to your host’s kitchen.


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