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Invite your Guests with Unique House Warming Invitations

Invite your Guests with Unique House Warming Invitations  by parekhcards 11/05/2012 at 21:15

Now that you have moved into your new house, you deserve the right to bask in the admiring gazes of the invitees to be in your house warming party! It is time to send out the invitations, why not do so in your own inimitable style? Rack those grey cells and come up with a fun way to lure unsuspecting neighbors into your wondrous dominion. Read on this article to get some unique house warming invitation ideas

Use unorthodox methods
Using cards is commonplace, go Roman, use an elegant scroll to print your invitation in. Use a nice cylinder to pack the scroll in; design it innovatively to look like a flute, or may be a reliquary. Attach tassels to one end of the scroll to enhance its look. Parekh Cards offers a gorgeous range of such scrolls for your house warming invitations.

Printing and typography
If you prefer an ethnic look, get your words printed in an anglicized version of the Devanagari Script, with bars over all your words as used in the Hindi language. Keep the language informal and warm though. To make it look auspicious you can add swastika and Ganesha motifs to the background or at the sides of the text. In Hindu culture Lord Ganesha is invoked for a good start to anything, hence it would look apt on the scroll.

There are certain universal symbols that signify a house, like a nest or a key. These symbols can be incorporated into the invitation to provide visual support to the text. You can also come up with something quirky, like creating a doodle by sketching cartons or draped furniture to show that you have just moved into a new house.

Language and content
Create a stanza or two announcing the house warming party and welcoming the invitee into your new house. Or else you can keep it simple and just write a plain but heartwarming invitation. Most of the people will be new to you, so it would also be nice if you could add a small introduction telling them about your family. Be sure to write in full the address of your new house regardless of how close or far the invitee stays.

Home is where the heart is, let Parekh Cards be the jolly messenger in inviting new relationships into your new house!


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