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How to Efficiently Plan a Bridal Shower

How to Efficiently Plan a Bridal Shower  by parekhcards 11/05/2012 at 22:00
Planning a bridal shower can be a stressful affair. Deciding on invitation list, menu, theme and decoration is indeed a daunting task. As a bridal shower planner, you want to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for the guests and the bride. Here are some ways you can efficiently plan a bridal shower.

#1 Plan the Budget

The first step while planning a bridal shower is to set your budget bracket. Things like menu, decorations, favors, and number of invites will totally depend on the budget that you set.

#2 Choose the Location

Selecting the right place for the bridal shower is very crucial. The bridal shower theme and the number of guests are the two factors to be considered for selecting an appropriate venue. You can organize the bridal shower at home, or in a restaurant or banquet hall. If the weather is appropriate, then organizing a bridal shower party at an outdoor location will be a good option.

#3 Choose a Theme

Although it is not necessary to select a particular theme, but doing so will make the bridal shower party more special. A Parisian themed bridal shower is the most popular choice. You can also opt for beach or spa theme for the bridal shower.

No matter what theme you decide, it is very important that you inform your guest about the theme in advance, so that they can dress up according to the bridal theme. Presenting bridal shower favors to the guests adds a special touch to the event.

#4 Plan Activities

Activities play a very important role in bridal shower. Smart choice of activities can decide the success and failure of your event. You can include games, quiz and other exciting activities in your event to entertain the audience and keep them engaged.

#5 Choose Decorations

You can make your bridal shower more appealing by choosing the appropriate decor. Walls, tables and windows can be adorned as per the theme of the bridal shower. Elaborate and intricate decorations can enhance the look of the event.

#6 Decide the Menu

Menu can be decided according to the nature of the bridal shower. Some bridal showers offer an elaborate menu that comprises of sophisticated food choices, while a casual bridal shower includes appetizers and mocktails. The choice of the menu will depend on your budget and theme.

Arranging a well-planned bridal shower is possible, if the right steps are taken. If proper arrangements are made, a bridal shower can truly be an enjoyable event for all who attend.


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