Varmala is an integral ritual of the Indian wedding ceremony that embarks the promise to respect and accept each other, where both the bride and groom exchanges garlands. This ritual is reckoned to be one of the major highlights of the wedding as it symbolizes the beginning of a life that they are about to live together as one.

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Basically, the Varmala are floral garlands whose style and design varies from communities to communities. For instance, flowers like mogras are predominately used in the making of garlands in South Indian wedding while marigolds are commonly seen in North Indian weddings. But, no matter what the community is, flower garlands for Indian weddings have their significant place.

Tips For Selecting The Best Flower Garlands for Indian Wedding

When you are not sure about having the right garland for the wedding then here are a few simple and easy tips that you can follow for discovering the ultimate one that you always wanted to have

Pick Colors That Compliment Wedding: Identify the type of flowers that will compliment the color scheme of your wedding. For this you can even consult a professional florist who will help you in determining which flower would suit the picture and which one wouldn't. For example, when you are having gold and red colors in the decor of the wedding then you can choose red or golden flowers in the garlands as well.

Consider the Season: When you are selecting the appropriate flowers, do remember to keep the season in mind. Though there are certain flowers which are evergreen, yet each and every species may not be available throughout the year. To give it a unique touch you can even consider having exotic flowers such as orchids, lily and iris too.

Pay Attention Towards the Design: Coming to the design of the flower garlands for Indian weddings, you should pay attention towards its simplicity rather any sort of complex designs or styles. By far, the simple you are going to be the flowers, the more creative it is going to appear, because flowers are incredibly beautiful in itself.

Never Forget to Consider Your Community: As mentioned earlier, the flower garlands for Indian weddings that you are going to have will be a reflection of the community where you belong. So choose the perfect size and type of garland as they are often influenced by the communal rules that cannot be neglected.

Different Flowers in Indian Wedding Garlands And Their Significance

There is a wide range of flowers seen in Indian wedding garlands, and each one of them symbolizes a different emotion. The Pink rose, orange rose, marigold, red rose, lily of valley, white rose and orchids depict happiness, passion, prosperity, love, humility, grace and magnificence respectively.

Therefore, understand the significance of flowers in Indian wedding garlands and choose the best one wisely. This is because only a right garland can help you in having a picture perfect Varmala moment!