Wedding is a once in a lifetime event that symbolizes the beginning of an eternal bond that lasts forever. During this day, you want everything to be picture perfect. From the wedding card, venue, its decor, your outfit; each and every aspect must be beyond excellence. However, out of the million options available which wedding card should you prefer or what is that one fine card that would speak volumes about the grandiose and pompousness of the event?

Scroll Wedding Cards Scroll Wedding Cards

This is something that brings us to the one and only scroll wedding invitations. Known as "Farman" They are embraced to be the ultimate trendsetters these invitations have the ability ignite a spark into the celebrations, offering guests a very first glimpse of the important day the moment they open it. And the best part is that these wedding cards are designed for people belonging to any community or religion.

Their classy, royal and rich aesthetics is something that makes them a masterpiece for traditional Indian weddings. Further, it can be customized to meet the demands of Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Christian wedding.

The Style and Designs of Scroll Wedding Cards

These cards come in a wide range of styles and designs, allowing you to have the one that blends perfectly with your wedding card aspirations. Now when it is about selecting the best one then you can take an account of your preferences, requirements and even the budget.

Here are a few examples of the different scroll wedding cards style and designs:

Box Styled Cards: It is a unique style where the scroll cards are packed inside a box and then sent to the guest. This box is often wrapped with velvet cloth which yet again amplifies the look and aura of the card. Moreover, you even have the opportunity to style the box in accordance to the vibrancy of the scroll card.

Theme Styled Cards: This is a unique style card where the invitations are designed as per the theme of the wedding. Each and every component including the scroll, paper and even the patterns are inspired from the theme that you have chosen for your wedding day.

Customized Cards: In case of customized cards you can pick various elements of the card and create something that you always wanted to have. Some of the elements are the scroll wedding wordings, color, design and print as well.

The Scroll Wedding Card Wordings Matters Too!

The design and style is just one part of these cards, the other lies in the wordings. This is the reason why equal time and efforts must be laid for having the perfect wordings on the card. Now, the same will even be utilized on the thank you card, table and program and other accessories that are going to be a part of the card.

So, when the idea is to have an incredible wedding card then the first thing that you need to do is identify a great scroll card and then select the wordings wisely.