Extravagant theme, flamboyant decor, opulent lighting and the perfect outcome and if you thought that these are the only key aspects of Sikh weddings then think again! The true essence of customs, traditions and rituals will always remain incomplete without a beautiful wedding card. After all, they are the first impression for the day which lingers in the mind of guests for a long period of time.

Sikh Wedding Cards Sikh Wedding Cards

Different Ceremonies Encapsulated in Sikh Wedding Card

The Sikh wedding ceremony even known as "Anand Karaj" is an amalgamation of not just one but various events. Rather it is a compilation of a series of rituals, where each one should be bestowed with one perfect card. Some of the common rituals that are part of the wedding include.

Sangeet: This is the day when the celebrations get a new take, both the family members and even the bride and groom enjoy to the fullest, grooving to the beats of traditional folk songs. It symbolizes the beginning of excitement, fun and joy that will prolong till the wedding day.

Pre-wedding rituals: After Sangeet, the next most important event is Mehendi. On this day henna is applied on the hands of the bride that signifies prosperity and divinity. Next ceremony that takes place is Haldi followed by the wedding day.

Wedding Day: The major highlight of the Sikh wedding cards is the main event, where relatives, friends and family members are invited to grace the occasion with their presence and bless the bride and groom for a happy life ahead.

Do Sikh Wedding Card Wordings Differ To?

Sikh Wedding Card Wordings Sikh Wedding Card Wordings

People often prefer to select their wedding cards based on the theme of their wedding and the same influences the color, patterns, wordings, accessories and design of the card. For instance, when you are planning to choose an accessory, let's say a thank you card, then you must consider the overall theme, and then go for the one that is best suited.

Now, what about Sikh wedding card wordings? Does that differ as well? In most of the cases, there are certain important wordings that remain to be the same, and some of them are

Shlokas: Majority of the cards have printed Sikh Shloks on them, which are often seen in the first page of the card. These are mentioned to ensure that the wedding takes place in a seamless manner without any form of complications.

Quotes: Another popular aspect of the wedding cars are quotes that commemorate the presence of god and goddesses for the occasion.

Besides the shloks and quotes, the wedding card even holds the message of invitation which may vary from card to card. There are several aspects of this part that can be customized such as the wording font, color and style too, so that you can ultimately have the perfect wordings that compliment the design of the card.

Therefore, when you are planning to have an unforgettable Sikh wedding ceremony then never forget to choose an amazing wedding card, because your celebrations embarks with them!