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Asian Wedding Cards Spell Variety And Style

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Asian Wedding Cards

Asia is a wonderful continent with variety in culture, religion, race and even ethnicity. All these impact marriage customs in different parts of Asia. Even the Asian wedding cards come in many different colors, styles and forms. Here are some facts about the Asian marriage cards.

Basis Of Patterns On Asian Wedding Invitations

The pattern on a wedding card may be based on various diverse factors. Here we list out the major factors and how it impacts the pattern on a wedding card.

  • Religion

As Asia is a continent where multiple religions are practiced, religion is surely a major contributing factor when the design of the wedding card is decided. Hindu cards usually have a symbol of Lord Ganesha on their invitation cards. Islamic wedding cards have holy quotes on them. The Christian wedding cards often have an image of the bride and groom in their wedding outfits.

  • Region

This is also a factor that affects the design of an invitation. The wedding card may reflect the culture and tradition of a particular region. A wedding card in China is sure to be greatly different from a Pakistani wedding card. If you check out wedding cards in nations like India, you will find multiple styles and choices.

  • Significance Of Marriage

Some cultures give a lot of importance to marriage. In such cultures, people are ready to spend millions on a marriage. If you are checking out the wedding cards of such pompous marriages, you will realise that they are extremely luxurious, stylish and creative. You get to see cards with velvet and embellishments. These look truly impressive. They also look expensive and artistic.

Add a Personal Touch to your Wedding Card

Many people opt for Asian Wedding Card. They can personalize their cards by adding beautiful personalized seals to their invitation. Check our Asian Wedding invitation and get the perfect design for your traditional wedding ceremony.

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