How you can create RSVP forms

For intimate weddings and smaller Guestlist requesting RSVP through email is a good option for its simplicity and ease to implement by incorporating an email id link in the E-invitation. While creating your E-Invitation our designer shall incorporate an email link in E-Invitation for your guest to respond via email.
This is a Free service for Parekh cards E-Invitation customers.


In case you would like to go for a larger setup and retrieve reports for handling guest data efficiently, Google Form is a highly recommended option to create an RSVP submission form for your event. It’s easy, versatile, and free. Just create a Google RSVP form, give a link to our designer and they will incorporate it in your E-Invitation. Guest just click the link in the E-Invitation and submit an RSVP response.
This is a Free service for Parekh cards E-Invitation customers.


Tips with Examples and Templates on How to create and use Google forms for your RSVP


1) To start using this tool, you only need a Google account, the same one you need to access Gmail, YouTube, or Google Drive.


2) The interface is very easy to use. Any user with average Internet knowledge can create forms using this tool.


3) The assistant is simple to use. The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface makes it easy to drag and drop form elements and organize them based on actions or events.


4) At the design level, it is possible to choose between a palette of colors, as well as own images as a background.


5) With this tool, you can get unlimited questions and answers at no cost, while other survey tools require payment depending on the number of questions and recipients.


6) Google forms stores the feedback received so we can analyze it in detail.


7) The forms are integrated with Google spreadsheets therefore we can access a spreadsheet view of the collected data.


8) The general configuration of forms allows you to collect the recipient’s email address and limit the answers.


9) Google forms allow us to see how the forms will look before sending them over to the recipients.


10) We can send the form by email, integrate it into our website or send the link via social networks or any other means.


Please click on the links below to view the Demo Goole forms we have created for RSVP submission.


Basic Google Form:


Detailed Google Form:


In case our E-Invitation customers find it difficult to create Google Form for RSVP we are happy to share any of the above Google Forms with them, which you can open and “Make a copy” of it to be the owner of Copied Form. Then, you can edit it as per your requirement and share the link with your guests incorporating it in E-Invitation.
This is Free Service for Parekh cards E-Invitation customers.


Alternatively, you can create Google Form yourself with at least one field and add us as collaborators so we can create/edit your form as per your requirement. You can let us know the required fields/questions via email so we shall prepare your form accordingly as paid service.


Please refer following YouTube video to understand how to create Google RSVP Form.


In case you choose not to use Google Form for any reason, there are several websites as well which provide RSVP form building for FREE with their basic plan. Most of them allow to create from 1 to 10 Forms per Month, allow 50 to 100 Responses per Month, 1000 Form Views per Month, 10MB Space, and 500 to 1000 Responses Storage.

Please click the links below to browse some of the Form Building websites.


Hope the above details are useful. In case you need help setting up an online RSVP form feel free to contact our helpdesk at [email protected]

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