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Gujarati Wedding Cards

Gujarati wedding cards of unique styles and modern patterns available right here. So hurry up and buy the best card!

Gujarat wedding cards

Gujarat is the land of colors and traditions. Every gujarati marriage function is as eventful and joyous like any other region of India. The wedding consists of multiple functions that are celebrated on a large scale. The Gujarati wedding cards need to live up to the standard of the Gujarati ceremony. Here is a glimpse of the different attractive ideas for invitations from a bride side. You may use these ideas while selecting an invitation for your marriage.

Gujarati Wedding Invitations For Bride

Wedding is one of the big event in any girl’s life. For a gujarati family, wedding in their family is incomplete without proper rituals and large number of guests. So they have a vast collection of Gujarati Kankotri designs which are both colorful and stylish depicting every detail of gujarati tradition. The cards have designs of the baraat made on them. You will also come across cards with garba and dandiya dances designed on them. The card designs always reflect joy and celebration.

Gujarati Kankotri- A Symbol of Gujarati Culture

Gujaratis believe in the principle 'Atithi Devo Bhava'. Inviting a guest and giving them due respect is a Gujarati tradition. It is believed that an invitation card reveals about the person’s interest and joy for inviting a guest. So the cards are always designed with perfection oozing bright and colorful appeal.

The card is selected from a vast collection of the most impressive Gujarati wedding invitation cards that help to invite the folks to the Shubh Vivah. Pick the most attractive design so that your guests feel respected and invited and you do justice to Gujarati tradition.

Ways To Purchase The Perfect Gujarati Wedding Card

Most of the time people face hard time selecting wedding invitations that would include every detail and ritual aptly. This is often because they do not know what factors to consider while buying a wedding invitation. Here are some of the major factors you need to consider when you purchase a wedding invitation:

  • Fix the theme for the wedding first. Pick a card to match the marriage theme.

  • Research different websites and also enquire at various stores regarding the price of marriage cards. You will get a rough estimate of the card price. This will help you pick a card at the right price.

  • Write a message yourself if you are planning for wedding card that has a message of your choice. You may even check out online for some interesting Indian wedding invitation wordings.

  • Select cards made from eco-friendly materials. This could be your small step towards a better world. You can also spread the message of going green through an eco-friendly wedding.

All printing services provided. Samples will be shipped within 2 business days.


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