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Most Popular Indian Wedding Favors Chosen For The Guests

Most Popular Indian Wedding Favors Chosen For The Guests by parekhcards 18/04/2017 at 11:00

It is a popular custom in many parts of India to give some gifts to the wedding guests, as a token of love and appreciation of their efforts taken in joining the wedding functions. But the families of the wedding couple want to leave long lasting impression on their guests through these gifts, usually known as Indian wedding favors. There are varieties of items available in the market that can be chosen as the wedding favors for the honored guests arriving on the wedding venue. Generally, low cost gift items are purchased in bulks, for giving to the large number of wedding guests.

Indian Wedding Favors Indian Wedding Favors

Varieties of Indian wedding favors available in market

  • If the budget is quite limited in this regard, the guests can be given candle holders of unique shapes and designs. They can also be given designer candle sets with special aroma, may be in the shape of tiny elephants.
  • The key ring holders of wonderful shapes can also serve as great wedding favors, within the affordable limit of any family.
  • The bottle openers of different traditional shapes and colors are also very popular as wedding favors that the guests appreciate as useful gifts. There is unique bottle opener designed as the word 'LOVE'
  • The photo frames of romantic designs match the romantic mood of the occasion and loved by the wedding guests. The heart-shaped frames adorned with tiny models of flowers can be the ideal wedding favors.
  • A set of personalized matchboxes can become the wedding favors, where the names or the photos of the wedding couple can be printed over each matchbox.
  • A set of two teacups and saucers can be given as a sophisticated wedding favor to the guests joining in a wedding. These cups and saucers can be personalized by printing the names or the initials of the wedding couples on them. A set of beautiful ceramic cups with spoons can also be gifted to the wedding guests.
  • The set of coasters is another highly useful wedding favor that can be chosen in the shape of heart or any exclusive design, may be personalized with the names of the wedding couples on them.
  • A set of wine glasses of classy designs are available for giving to the guests as the wedding favors, mainly to those who are known to have wine occasionally.
  • Sometimes, the Indian guests are given sets of cute jars containing clover honey that can be consumed for a long time.
  • Now romantic plastic cutlery sets are available in the market as wedding favors, where the spoons are made in the shapes of pink hearts, to match the romanticism in the air of the wedding ceremony.
  • The guests of all ages are pleased to get packs of tasty flavored biscuits, filled with chocolate dip or other delicious edibles.

Generally, the nature and tastes of the wedding guests are known to the family members of the bride or the groom. So they can buy the suitable items as wedding favors that will please all the wedding guests.


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