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Top Indian Wedding Traditional Dresses 2017 For The Modern Brides

Top Indian Wedding Traditional Dresses 2017 For The Modern Brides by parekhcards 22/04/2017 at 10:15

The new bridal dresses always undergo some noticeable changes in styles, colors and patterns from time to time, as per the prevailing fashion trend. The famous dress designers are always experimenting especially on bridal wear and as a result, often innovative designs are seen to evolve in the fashion world, which become popular very soon among the new brides and their families. Several fashion shows are frequently organized by these reputed designers, to showcase their new designs on bridal outfits.

Indian Wedding Traditional Dresses 2017 Indian Wedding Traditional Dresses 2017

  • Floor length heavy Lehengas are matched with cropped Cholis and long Dupattas, all of which are adorned with elaborate embroideries in gold and silver, as well as wide uses of shiny embellishments. Though most of these bridal outfits are made in red, burgundy and beige colors are also seen to be used in making these Lehenga Cholis for the brides.
  • Some designers use various shades of red as the base colors of the bridal outfits, over which heavy embroideries of Zari and Dabka are used to bring more grandeur to these dresses.
  • The design of western gown is fused with the traditional bridal wears, like lehenga or saree, in such a way that the gown looks much alike a saree or lehenga in overall appearance and thus can be used as a traditional bridal outfit. But these fused gowns are available in a variety of colors; like iced strawberry, sea green or scuba blue.
  • The Anarkali dresses of floor length are made of lighter fabrics, like chiffon or georgette, and decorated lavishly with intricate patterns and embroideries. These dresses can be selected of any vibrant color and may be used for wearing on the pre-wedding rituals.
  • The Cholis of any pastel color is teamed up with neon colored Ghagras for wearing during any pre-wedding rituals, like Mehendi or Sangeet. Usually, the silk Cholis are kept simple, while the silk or brocade Ghagras are lavishly adorned with embroideries.
  • The bridal lehengas are often made of various innovative cuttings to look different from others. The bridal sarees are also added with different kinds of borders and embellishments all over them.
  • Now knee-length Cholis are in high fashion, which are made of net combined with heavier fabrics, like velvet, satin or silk. These long Cholis are usually made in uncommon colors, like beige, orange or gray. These elaborately embellished Cholis are paired with simpler lehengas.
  • Modern brides opt for straight cuts of Salwar suits, with brightly printed or embroidered Kameez, paired with Palazzos or leggings, and gorgeously embroidered dupattas for wearing in any wedding function.
  • Some famous designers keep on trying uncommon colors for their bridal lehengas or sarees; like purple, light orange, pink and the softer shades of other colors, instead of the commonly seen vibrant colors.

Therefore, the brides getting married this year can get too many options to make them look fashionable and gorgeous on their wedding days, by choosing any design of the well known designers, created particularly for 2017.


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