Paper Style Whatsapp Wedding Invitations

Indian weddings are filled with traditional rituals and ceremonies, bringing together large families and friends. The entire event can last for a week or even more, but nowadays it has been shortened to two days. With trends changing in the way the Hindu wedding ceremony is held, it is no wonder that the way the wedding invitation is designed has also changed. Instead of opting for the traditional paper card invite, people are increasingly using the digital version.

Paper Style Whatsapp Wedding Invitations are very popular today!

With technology being so prevalent, people prefer sharing and ending messages over the phone instead of communicating in person. We live in such a fast-paced world that even wedding invitations are better off being sent through social media platforms or better still, through Whatsapp. It has become the preferred means of sending invitations to people because you can send the invite to so many people at the same time. There is no need to waste time writing names on various invitations, sealing them, and posting them.

If you look at the appearance of a Whatsapp invite, it is so much like a traditional one. It is in digital format, so various types of graphics, coloring, and lighting effects can be infused into it. The card can be in the form of a single plain one or else it can span two, three, or even more pages. It does not take much time to create a WhatsApp invite, so when pressed for time and you also need to send the invite to hundreds of people quickly, doing it through WhatsApp is the easiest way. Those looking for a means to bring down their wedding expenses will find a whatsapp wedding invite to be just what’s needed. They can save on printing casts and send the invite to various people quickly and conveniently through their Smartphone.

Today’s trendy couples want to choose Paper Style Whatsapp Wedding Invitations over traditional card-stock varieties because they feel it is the most appropriate way to communicate details about their special day. If you want to make any changes to the look, style, design elements, color, or wording, they can be done over and over again, till the desired look is achieved. Receivers can store them on their cell phones and check them out later as and when needed. Since it can be easily viewed this way, they always have easy access to the wedding details such as locations, etc.

A Whatsapp invite is most suitable for sending to relatives who are living abroad. It can be difficult to send them a traditional paper invite because it can take time to be delivered to their location. However, sending a digital invite through WhatsApp reaches them instantly. No matter how long the invite is or how many different types of special effects it has, it can be sent through WhatsApp in just seconds. The invite will be delivered exactly to the person mentioned in the naming list, unlike a paper invite, which can be delivered at any time to the wrong location.