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What is the Importance of Hindu wedding Cards

What is the Importance of Hindu wedding Cards? by parekhcards 22/07/2014 at 1:00

Being invited in a Hindu wedding is an honor and a memorable experience. The rituals performed make the Hindu wedding quite interesting and unique from the other wedding cultures across the world.

The distinct cultures in different states of India adds variety to every Indian wedding. Therefore, a Tamil wedding is different from a Punjabi wedding. However, most rituals remain the same. These Hindu weddings signify the vibrant heritage, distinct traditions and rich culture of India.

Hindu Wedding Cards

Like any other wedding ceremony, Indian wedding is also considered as a significant event in the couples lives. Therefore, these weddings are always grand in terms of celebration. The preparation for a wedding starts months before the ceremony. During this process of planning, utmost attention is given to every different aspect, be it selection of the best menu or choosing the right Hindu wedding invitation cards for the guests.

Choosing the right invitation is one of the many aspects that make your wedding different from the others. Wedding may be an ancient affair, however invitations were not sent by the public during that time. This was practiced only by nobilities. Today, sending invitation is considered as a part of etiquette.

A Hindu wedding invitation is also known as "Patrika". It is a piece of paper that is sent by you to your close friends and families. It is a humble way of inviting people to attend this auspicious occasion and receiving their blessings. A Hindu invitation card is very vibrant. In Hinduism, guests are considered as Gods and getting their blessings is a great honor. Every guest is given a royal treatment during such wedding.

Hindu wedding cards come in different designs and these cards are luxurious, vibrant, colorful and decorated with beautiful stones, coins and embroidery. According to the Hindu culture, a wedding card should signify happiness and prosperity of the bride and groom.

There are many wedding card makers but most of them offer similar designs. Only a few create innovative designs according to the taste of the customer. Many couples today prefer buying their wedding cards online. These wedding cards offer great variety at an affordable price. Designs can also be personalized according to the customer's choice. You can add your own preferences and signature to these beautiful designs. This makes your invitation far more unique and personalized.

A wedding card should be able to portray your thoughts and feelings to your guests. You should be able to share this special experience with them. So make sure you invite your loved ones with the right wedding invitation card.


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